In late November, the Porsche board officially approved production of a small Porsche crossover. The new crossover is to be called Cajun, as it has been consistently referred to by the automotive press.

There have been various reports about the crossover, but most peg it as sharing underpinnings with the Audi Q5. There have been some noises about it being a three-door only model, but it is all just conjecture.

What is clear is that Porsche has seen the success of the Cayenne and is looking to replicate it with a smaller model designed to attract younger buyers. We could see the Cajun doing battle against vehicles like the Land Rover Evoque.

With a new model inevitable, Team Speed member Wild-Speed has created an artists impression of what the new crossover might look like.

The proposal is for a three-door model, and it takes cues from the Cayenne (obviously) and even the recent 918 Spyder. The result is a very good-looking crossover that has a fresh appearance and balanced proportions.

Stylistically, we’d be very happy if the production model came out looking this good. Porsche design has had some misfires – while better than we first thought, the Panamera still isn’t a beautiful automobile. Hopefully, Porsche will see this rendering and take a few notes when designing the Cajun.