Aston Martin Cygnet. It’s a real Aston Martin. Honest.

The Aston Martin Cygnet

The Aston Martin Cygnet - the 'Vision' video belowAston Martin has released a video extolling their vision for a small, energy-efficient Aston Martin. The Aston Martin Cygnet.Let’s get this out of the way, just in case you don’t read here very often and don’t know. We’re big Aston Martin fans. We think that Aston Martin produce works of art that just happen to be hugely enjoyable to drive (with a few caveats – but that’s for another time).

Right, so now we’re clear that just about everything Aston Martin touches is brilliant, gorgeous and hugely desirable, we feel justified in asking the question – What on earth is going on with the Aston Martin Cygnet?

Yes, we all know that Aston Martin is a small company, struggling to meet ludicrous CO2 emissions levels set by ignorant and misguided governments looking for revenue. We know that without reducing their average emissions and upping their economy across the range Aston Martin are going to get hit with big penalties.

So why not just admit that the reason for taking the perfectly good city car that is the Toyota iQ, Aston Martin-ising it to within an inch of its life – and tripling the price of the donor car in the process – is all about satisfying ridiculous legislation?

Please, Aston, don’t pretend you’ve had this brilliant idea about helping urban-living Aston owners to get out and about in the city without breaking out the DBS. It’s a cute idea and might even have washed until we realised that – despite initial statements to the contrary - you were going to sell an Aston Martin Cygnet to anyone gullible enough to pay three times the price of an iQ for a posh badge, and not just as a ‘Tender’ for existing AM owners.

We thought Aston Martin realised that the world knew that the Cygnet was a reaction to penalties and legislation, not a Brave New World for AM. So why have they got the great and the good at Aston Martin to go on film extolling their ‘Vision’ for an ‘Urban Aston Martin’?