The future cars 2010 Mitsubishi i MiEV

2010 Mitsubishi i MiEV wallpapers

America is ready for an electric car of city, and Mitsubishi, not Toyota, could right being the company for us to give it. Our short ordering of I MiEV (innovating electric vehicle of Mitsubishi) during last spring 'the automatic exposure of S New York convinced us that this four-door Martian-mobile could play Philadelphia, if not Peoria.

As the car of Japanese-market I from which it is derived, I MiEV has a powertrain assembled to the back. The batteries of lithium-ion, which weigh approximately 450 pounds, are under the back seats, and the electrical motor, charger of reverser, and other components are under the sector of trunk. Packing up the powertrain this manner lowers the vehicle the 'center of S of gravity while maximizing the part for the passengers and the luggage.

I MiEV advances close silence, with the thrum of tire rather much the only noise. It is not any sport scar, but acceleration with 35 M/H is strong and linear thanks to 63 powers in horses and 133 deliver-pi of couple. Direct-lead the transmission provides the shifts without clash, and the brakes of unravel provide the foreseeable of pedal and sour feeling the stop, the essential devices when you 'about dodging large yellow taxis. The brakes also regenerate energy for the batteries, like the majority of the hybrid cars. Mitsubishi indicates that the car should control 80 miles between the expenses, particularly if the mode of Eco is chosen, that the falls actuate with 43 powers in horses.

Since each of the four of the car of 'wheels of S are eliminated with the remote corners, you sit down much more close to before car that you 'about used with, and you can leave furtively in the holes impossiblement small in the traffic. With its firm control of body, decent direction, and superb maneuverability, tiny Mitsubishi is a companion laid out for cut-and-have pushed the movements which make him really the recreation to lead to Manhattan.

I MiEV goes on sale to Japan the next summer for approximately $25.000, and Mitsubishi also has an eye on the market lately mileage-haunted of the United States; it will carry out a test practises I MiEV with the companies of public service of California. Common Association will bring back valid data and a greater appreciation of the practical character of an all-electric vehicle in California, indicates Tohru Hashimoto, managing director of corporation of the office of promotion of businesses of I MiEV.

Which means the company would like that bring the powertrain here, if not itself conveys it. We say bring I MiEV and let us place it like respectful alternative of the environment to smart and the minis for the people who want mobility in the city with incidences on the environment minimal.

Citroen Hypnos Concept Car Reviews

This is Citroen Hypnos concept, and it been announced by Citroen company , and will be premiered at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.what a beautiful car concept

Citroen style namely Hypnos concept car is being to merge the space of an SUV with the vitality of a coupe and also with the elegance of a saloon. This is Citroen Hypnos concept is Powered by a 200 bhp (147 kW) engine, Citroen Hypnos concept will delivers a 4.5 l/100 km fuel consumption and a 120 g/km CO2 emissions level.

Citroen Hypnos concept interior’s is aiming to make the technology more approachable by humans. More Citroen Hypnos concept’s photos and detailed informations will be available soon when it’s closer to the premiere date.

Citroen Hypnos Concept Car
The special hybrid technology used on Hypnos highlights Citroen’s commitment to the environment and shows once again that this strong ecological focus is always accompanied by driving thrills and efficiency. With its 200 bhp (147 kW) engine, Hypnos combines dynamic performance with low fuel consumption and emissions (4.5 l/100 km and 120 g/km of CO2).

Illustrating the advantages of hybrid technology through a high-tech approach, Citroen has designed a beautifully proportioned coupe with bold styling.

Petroleum Engineering Requirement

new vacancy at Petroleum Engineering,Petroleum engineers are responsible for finding, testing and extracting fossil fuel resources that power most of the world's demand for energy. These fuels can take the form of crude oil or natural gas. Petroleum engineering is involved in the first stage of petroleum production. It does not refer to the second phase, which includes refining and distributing petroleum for consumption. Petroleum engineering is a lucrative career, but it takes skill and education.2009 SPE Award Recipients Announced

Recipients of SPE's International Awards for 2009 have been announced by the SPE Board. These members are recognized for outstanding contributions to the technology, the Society, and the communities in which they live and work. Read the complete list...
ATCE Online Registration is Now Open

You can now register online for the 2009 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Be sure and check out the complete technical program for the Society's premier conference and exhibition. You can also follow ATCE updates on Twitter.
Petroleum Society of Canada Completes Merger with SPE, Two Sections Added

The boards of the Petroleum Society of Canada and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) have approved a merger agreement that will create a new Canadian organization, SPE Canada, to serve the combined membership of around 4,500 in Canada. In addition, two new Canadian section, Lloydminster and South Saskatchewan, have joined the list of SPE sections worldwide, bringing the total to 170. Read More...
OnePetro Has Replaced SPE eLibrary

The SPE eLibrary is no longer a standalone collection. SPE's technical archive has become part of OnePetro, the multi-society library that features more than 80,000 technical documents from nine E&P-related organizations.

2010 Ford Mustang NASCAR Specifications

now for

2010 Ford Mustang NASCAR to race in Nationwide series

Ford Antagonism appear today that the Mustang, which hasn’t competed in NASCAR, will chase in the Nationwide alternation back Ford begins a bound rollout of its new car in 2010.

“We had been talking with NASCAR for some time about Mustang as allotment of its eyes for a ‘muscle car’ rollout for the Nationwide Series. We both saw it as a way of appropriate the alternation from Sprint Cup,” said Brian Wolfe, administrator of Ford North America Motorsports. “We admired the idea, so we jumped on the adventitious to extend Mustang’s antagonism bequest to a new alternation extensive a huge and loyal audience.

The Mustang’s motorsports history includes abounding types of antagonism including drag, road, afloat - but this will be Mustang’s aboriginal actualization in any NASCAR series.

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kaos yamaha lorenzo
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2010 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed China wallpaper

Bentley has unveiled the Continental Flying SpurSpeed China which retains all the potent performance of the company’s Continental Flying Spur Speed, the world’s fastest luxury four-door saloon, but with a range of engineering upgrades developed for the Chinese market.2010 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed China wallpaper

Ferrari 458 Italia New WALLPAPER AND REVIEW

Ferrari 458 Italia New

Ferrari 458,  modification, review , race Italia

italian manufacture launched Ferrari 458 Italia New WALLPAPER AND REVIEW 458 Italia, it is the two-seater mid-rear engined berlinetta,this Ferrar is the latest addition to the Prancing Horse's history. Ferrari 458 Italia is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show. The result of the Ferrari engineers’ endeavours can be summed up in to two simple statistics which together perfectly encapsulate the Ferrari 458 Italia’s exceptional performance: 0-100 km/h acceleration in under 3.4 seconds and a maximum speed in excess of 325 km/h.

Nissan EV Versa Prototype (EV-11)

this is Nissan EV Versa Prototype (EV-11) .Nissan has been quite vocal about its electric-vehicle ambitions. Along with the announcement of its new electric-vehicle platform this morning, Nissan launched a mini-site focused around the launch of its first electric-car scheduled to make its debut on August 2nd. The site shows a teaser of what we can expect to see when Nissan shows the new electric-car, which will hit the U.S. and Japanese markets in 2010.

While this morning we saw Nissan’s new electric-vehicle platform as a Versa-based prototype, the all-electric vehicle scheduled to debut in 2010 will have a unique design and body.

Nissan says that the in-house developed electric-motor will help the car produce a total of 107-hp with a driving range of more than 99 miles on a single charge.

Lamborghini Audigier specification

Car Type: 5.0 V10 (2006)
Type of Car: Lamborghini Gallardo 2dr Coupe
Car Body Type: Coupe
Drive: Rear
Engine Capacity (cc) / Fill the cylinder: 4961/V10
Engine Position: TBA
Fuel Type: Unleaded
Mobil Phone: TBA
Cars Height (mm): TBA
Gross Weight (kg): TBA
Width Car (mm): TBA
Power (BHP): 512 / 7800
Torque (Lbft2): 376 / 5000
Number of Doors: 2
Seat Number: 2nd
Berta Towing: TBA
Turn Radius: TBA
Width (mm): TBA
Acceleration (0-60mph): 4.5
Maximum speed (km / hour): 196
Co2 Emission Levels: 400
Warranty: TBA
Distance Service (km): 7500
Service costs for three years: N / A
Fuel Tank Capacity (ltr): TBA

YZF R6 wallpaper 2009

Spoiler for WR250ReX yamaha:

T-MAX500 yamaha wallpaper

The Yamaha T-Max was totally revamped for the 2008 model year, which is the version we now get Stateside for 2009. A new body style, which grows on you, conceals an all-new alloy frame, which replaces the old tubular steel chassis.The Akrapovic RACING OPEN complete system is designed for maxi scooter riders
looking for a sportier ride and a bit of the kind of tuning usually reserved for sport mo-
torcycles. With an Akrapovic exhaust system the Yamaha T-max will gain in both looks
and performance. The system has a noise damper for European market and is available
without the damper for the US market. Our system is also 5.11 kg lighter than stock
Measurements of the Akrapovic RACING OPEN system on the YAMAHA T-MAX (without
noise damper):
Power & Torque: with the Akrapovic complete system the engine gains significant increases
in power and torque. The T-max engine will now have more throttle response throughout the
entire rpm range with biggest increase at the top. We measured max. power increase of 2.9
HP at 7620 rpm.
The system is composed of cylindrical stainless steel header tubes joined by a conical stain-
less steel Y link pipe. The joints are sleeve joints held together with silicon-shielded tensioning
springs, including the link pipe – muffler joint. Inlet cap is made of stainless steel and outlet cap
of carbon fiber. The inner perforation and outer sleeve are made of titanium. For the European
market the mufflers have an approved noise damper, while for the US market the mufflers do
not have the noise dampers.

The first impression on approach is that it’s extraordinarily long. Then, when you sit on it, the seat feels firm, high, and wide. The T-Max does not have a completely flat floorboard, like a classic scooter. Still, the relatively low step-through threshold makes it easier to get on and off than a conventional motorcycle. The seat height comes into play when paddling the bike into and out of parking spots. I found myself sliding forward off the seat, so that I could plant more of my own weight on the ground when pushing it around.
T-MAX500 yamaha
test drive yamaha

YZF125R 2009 wallpaper and reviews

YZF-R125 specifications
motor news YZF125R 2009
  • In the supersport liter class, there’s always lots of talk about power. You expect that. What you wouldn’t have expected – until now – is a radically superior way to deliver that power. Introducing the 2009 YZF-R1, the first ever production motorcycle with a crossplane crankshaft. Crossplane technology, first pioneered in MotoGP racing with the M1, puts each connecting rod 90° from the next, with an uneven firing interval of 270°- 180°- 90°- 180°. This all but eliminates undesirable inertial crankshaft torque, which allows the engine’s compression torque to build smoothly and provide a very linear power delivery out of the corners. It’s a feeling that’s simply unmatched, like having two engines in one: the low-rpm torquey feel of a twin with the raw, high-rpm power of an inline 4. In fact, the new YZF-R1 is not a continuation of existing supersport development; it is breakthrough technology that represents a paradigm shift in both technology and performance.
  • This next-generation R1 keeps all the technological superiorities developed for its predecessor: YCC-T (Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle) is MotoGP inspired fly-by-wire technology used to deliver instant throttle response. YCC-I is Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake which is a variable intake system that broadens the spread of power. The fuel injection system provides optimum air/fuel mixtures for maximum power and smooth throttle response.
  • The R1 features Yamaha D-MODE (or drive mode) with rider-selectable throttle control maps to program YCC-T performance characteristics for riding conditions. The standard map is designed for optimum overall performance. The “A” mode lets the rider enjoy sportier engine response in the low- to mid-speed range, and the “B” mode offers response that is somewhat less sharp response for riding situations that require especially sensitive throttle operation. Switching maps is as easy as pushing a button on the handlebar switch.
  • In keeping with this machine’s exceptional cornering ability and crisp handling, the all new aluminum frame has been designed to offer exceptional rigidity balance. The rear frame is now lightweight CF die-cast magnesium, contributing the optimum mass centralization. Suspension includes new SOQI front forks which use one of the tricks developed for our winning MotoGP bikes: independent damping. The left fork handles compression damping and the right side handles the rebound damping. And the rear shock adopts new bottom linkage for optimum suspension characteristics.
  • All new bodywork does more than add break-away-from-the- crowd styling. Completely new, the new model has a more serious, less busy look. The side fairing is smoother for a sleeker appearance. And, instead of the usual four bulb headlight design, the ’09 model now has only two projector-type bulbs mounted closer to the nose of the bike. This positions ram air ducts closer in for a more compact, smooth look. In addition, the rounded lenses are new and unique to the supersport industry.
* Inspired by genius
* R-series engine and chassis technology
* 6-speed gearbox
* Aluminium swinging arm
* Midship muffler

Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, single cylinder, SOHC
Displacement 124.66 cc
Bore x stroke 52.0 x 58.6 mm
Compression ratio 11.2:1
Maximum power 11.0 kW (15 PS) @ 9,000 rpm
Maximum torque 12.24 Nm (1,25 kg-m) @ 8,000 rpm
Lubrication system Wet sump
Fuel System Fuel injection
Clutch type Wet, multiple-disc coil spring
Ignition system TCI
Starter system Electric
Transmission system Constant mesh, 6-speed
Final transmission Chain
Fuel tank capacity 13.8 L
Oil tank capacity 1.15 L
Chassis -
Chassis: Steel Deltabox
Front suspension system Telescopic forks
Front travel 130 mm
Rear suspension system Swingarm (monocross)
Rear travel 125 mm
Front brake Single disc, Ø 292 mm
Rear brake Single disc, Ø 230 mm
Front tyre 100/80-17 M/C
Rear tyre 130/70-17 M/C
Dimensions -
Length 2,015 mm
Width 660 mm
Height 970 mm
Seat height 818 mm
Wheel base 1,355 mm
Minimum ground clearance 155 mm
Dry weight 126.5 kg

The unibody 2011 Ford Explorer

The unibody 2011 Ford Explorer, based on the D3 platform used on the new 2010 Ford Taurus, will go into production in 2010 at the company’s Torrence Avenue plant. Expect an EcoBoost model to follow after the standard gasoline engine choices make their debut.

Sales of the Explorer have seen a drastic decline since the model’s popularity in the 1990s. In its peak year in 1999, FoMoCo sold 507,091 Explorers and 49,281 Mountaineers.

In 2008, sales of the Explorer declined to a staggering 78,439, while Mountaineer sales were 10,596. Both nameplates are down more than 50 percent so far in 2009.

- By: The Daily Auto Editor

Ninja ZX250R 2009 wallpaper

see What is the comparison of Ninja ZX250R 2009

As a manufacturer of motorcycles already high as a Kawasaki motorcycle produce four stroke. As a follow-up and demonstrate the commitment of Kawasaki about the latest motor sport release plant with a capacity of 4 is not the 250cc Kawasaki Ninja 250R launch.

Performance Ninja ZX250R 2009

The engine's performance but still be concealed in order to maintain a clear engine performance and status as a pure motor sport then large (small possibility fumble) Ninja 250R is adopted 2-cylinder DOHC engine water cooled. unitrak suspension and rear disc brakes front and rear is also a standard feature the latest Kawasaki motorcycle this.

it is Combination between the Ninja 636 and ER6F

If the motor sport in the Hi-end in the class may be well-founded because if kept in the draft this Ninja 250R motorcycle sport touring menggabukan Kawasaki ER6F (the front lights and riding position) and when viewed from the side siluet similar to the Kawasaki Ninja zx 636. Unfortunately the design spakbor back so that it seems too large if viewed from belakan feels a bit odd though if you actually seen in its function as a daily motor is designed so it is very helpful.

the bandrol 32 million

The motor is marketed with the price of USD 3,500 or equivalent to 32 million rupiah. So when the price of land in the water marketed by the private INDOBIKERS quite reasonable considering the competitors cc could not have said. Even if there is only a CBR 150 that is only in the "categories" of similar price. Sedangakan when its performance is compared head to head bak earth and sky, no offense for CBR users

2010 Ford Mustang AV-X10 wallpaper

ngine Location Front
Drive Type Rear Wheel
Body / Chassis Unitized steel
Production Years for Series 2010
Weight 3552 lbs | 1611.2 kg

Engine Configuration V
Cylinders 8
Aspiration/Induction Supercharged
Displacement 330.00 CU IN. | 5408.7 cc. | 5.4 L.
Valves 32 valves.
4 valves per cylinder.
Valvetrain DOHC
Horsepower 540.00 BHP (397.4 KW)
Torque 694.00 NM (511.7 Ft-Lbs)
HP to Weight Ratio 6.6 LB / HP (Vehicles with similar ratio)
HP / Liter 100.0 BHP / Liter
Redline 6250
Compression Ratio 8.4:1
Fuel Feed Fuel Injected
Block Cast-iron
Head Aluminum
Vehicles with similar horsepower and weight

Standard Transmission
Gears 5
Transmission Manual
Tremec T-5
Final Drive 3.31:1

Optional Transmission

Cargo Volume 13.10 cu. ft.
Passenger Volume 84.701 cu. ft.
Towing Capacity 1000.001 lbs
Seating Capacity 4
Doors 2
Produced 1
Length 187.601 in | 4765.1 mm.
Width 73.901 in | 1877.1 mm.
Height 55.401 in | 1407.2 mm.
Wheelbase 107.101 in | 2720.4 mm.
Front Track 62.401 in | 1585 mm.
Rear Track 63.001 in | 1600.2 mm.
Front Headroom 38.601 in | 980.5 mm.
Rear Headroom 34.701 in | 881.4 mm.
Front Legroom 42.701 in | 1084.6 mm.
Rear Legroom 30.301 in | 769.6 mm.
Front Hip Room 53.61 in | 1361.7 mm.
Rear Hip Room 46.81 in | 1189 mm.
Front Shoulder Room 55.401 in | 1407.2 mm.
Rear Shoulder Room 53.401 in | 1356.4 mm.
Vehicles with similar dimensions

Suspension Front : Reverse-L independent MacPherson strut, 28.6-mm tubular stabilizer bar

Rear : 3-link solid axle with coil springs and Panhard rod

Rack and Pinion with Power Assist
Steering Overall Ratio 15.7:1
Turning Circle 33.401 ft

Front Brake Size 293.001 mm | 11.5 in.
Rear Brake Size 300.001 mm | 11.8 in.

Tires / Wheels
Wheels 19-inch

Porsche Cayenne Gemballa 750 GTS Tornado wallpapers

there is indeed such love Gemballa cars Porsche output. No variants with the exception of Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Attempting to show more dynamic existence, They spread the extreme Gemballa Tornado GTS 750. There is no restriction because the barrier so that the touch is so wild teraplikasi on sporty cars berkelir gray this one.

This modification comes with the latest weight reduction of up to 250 kg lighter thanks to the Feed component body of carbon fiber. Not only that, body kit was also designed with a lightweight front apron which extended to 60 mm below the lip in order to generate aero thrust to each axis rodanya. As a complement, exterior adopted here also aggressive side skirts, the rear spoiler that be following down the new rear skirt and the expansion up to 40 mm and tongkrongan diffuser latest racing model.

On the back of the two-sphere model is selected as the twin penghiasnya. This certainly gives it added impact of different high performance exhaust system to increase the maximum energy. Shove toward the bottom of the bonnet, here are certainly berkonfigurasi big V8 engine that dicangkok along with kataliser, exhaust header and the latest racing model. This is not the result without considering the output that is capable of touching the numbers already penetrated 750 hp (552 kW) at 6400 rpm and lap torsi maksimun ranged diangka 1050 Nm at 3200 rpm lap.

Gemballa GTR 700 Tornado (Porsche Cayenne Turbo) review:

The new GEMBALLA conversion is simply titled Tornado GTS and GTR. The vehicle is based on the 957 Porsche Cayenne Turbo and features power previously reserved for razor-door type supercars. In its previous life, the GEMBALLA conversion was extensively covered.

Meanwhile, new GTS features adjustable seats, a panoramic roof and 4WD. Optional are the multimedia package and the cooling box. As you can probably tell from these pictures, this is a sort of coupe SUV as it sits quite some way closer to the ground than normal. The rear seats as well are as adjustable as the front seats, and offer the same level of sportiness whether you are watching traffic flash by or steering the beast yourself.

GTR features lightweight materials, racing seats and 2WD as an option.
End of Gemballa GTR 700 Tornado (Porsche Cayenne Turbo) review.

Review the information concerning acceleration, for the time of the condition of the still to 100 km / h can be locked in 4.3 seconds. This is 0.2 seconds faster than the variants x5 BMW X6 and the maximum speed limit in addition to be able to reach 300 km / h. Before terlewatkan kit that diasup exterior sejatinya already equipped velg crossbar 5 GT SPORT 22 inch size dibalut a high performance tire size 335/25 Z 22 overall. In his own velg Gemballa install kaliper brakes 6 piston 420 mm front and rear 4 piston rear kaliper size 380 mm.

Specifications :

Car : Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS
Basic : Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Tuner : Gemballa
Engine : V8
Power : 50 hp (552 kW) at 6,400 rpm
Torque : 1,050 Nm at 3200 rpm
0 - 100 km/h : 4.3 seconds
Top speed : 300 km/h
Exterior : vehicle comes with a weight reduction of 250 kg achieved using lightweight components such as carbon fiber. new front apron extended by 60 millimeters with integrated aero lip generating more downthrust at the front axle, body extensions which fitted all the way from the front to the rear, side skirts, a completely redesigned rear with new rear spoiler, a rear skirt extended by 40 millimeters and a new race diffuser. Also, the new double tail lights and four end pipes of the high performance exhaust system which have been integrated in the rear skirt, confirm the powerful appearance
Interior : four individual seats, new display was mounted on the new front console showing driving data such as acceleration, cross-acceleration and deceleration values

Future entry into the interior we akan 4 seats are a first individual to provide a different feel of driving. There does not stop until there are new consoles next model that is ready to show the acceleration data, cross-acceleration and deceleration value. As the pengkastem, Gemballa claimed akan only produce this car as much as 50 units only. So, whom he can quickly

Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc 2009 wallpapers

PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (Bai) ensure that the product will launch Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc DTSi-Fi (injection) at the end of semester one next year in 2009. Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc 2009

This is a question many peminat the Pulsar 220 was a scene in the virtual world that will slide on gosipnya event Jakarta Motorcycle Show in December this year.

"This clearly is not this year, because we still consider the case marketingnya," said Regional Sales Manager of Bajaj Auto Indonesia (Bai) Hong Lim Sam when contacted detikOto, Thursday (4/12/2008).

Bajaj Pulsar 220 cc one-winning product line up which is a product of Bajaj gres, from India. The launch of this product will complement previous Pulsar Bajaj Pulsar 200 cc, such as, XCD 125 cc and 180 cc Pulsar.

"We hope the end of the semester I-2009 can slide, but rather the beginning of a semester," he said.

Lim had previously said that from the calculation of the temporary Bai, Bajaj Pulsar 220 above the price akan dibandrol Honda Tiger 200 cc, but he said this is not yet complete and not final. "The price will not be under the Honda Tiger (Rp 24 million)," he said.

He also disputed the development if rancana CKD assembly plant next year related to the plan the launch of Pulsar 220 cc.

"With a CKD then we will be more efficient for tax and production costs, including price," he explained.

He also does not explain whether the Pulsar 220 cc akan entry in the line up that will be created in the CKD (component assembly straggling) or other Bajaj products. However, the product will be built in this country will be prioritized on the product that most tune.

Transformer car wallpaper series on chicago 2009

Autobots from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

series of autobot transformer wallpaper series on chicago 2009 show.