2010 Kia Sorento SUV

few days ago Kia has unveiled two new renderings along with initial details of its forthcoming 2010 Sorento SUV. The Korean automaker said that the second-generation Sorento, codenamed XM, is set for launch in April, meaning that it will most likely make its world premiere at the Seoul Motor Show. The teaser sketches reveal that the new model will follow the 2007 Kue concept car's edgy and chiseled lines while it will also feature Kia's new corporate grille.

The leader as a chief Peter Schreyer of design of engines of Kia said, dynamic design of XM adopts the single circuit linear lines to lend a powerful aspect, however polished. Sportsman and seizing, XM represents a new race of SUV.

Sorento 2010 will most probably offer to purchasers the option to add a third line of the seats, increasing the capacity in seats at Sept.

New Sorento will become the first vehicle of Hyundai-Kia to come equipped with the R-engine favorable to the environment all-nine from diesel with company 'with passenger with S. 2.2 the unit with cylinder with liter 4 product a result with 200 powers in horses. According to Kia, when hung until an automatic transmission 6 speeds, new Sorento 2.2R will have a combined fuel consumption of 7.1lt/100km or 33.2mpg the USA.

Kia also envisages to satisfy various tastes of the consumer by offering the model with a gasoline 2.4 and one engine of 2.7 LPI (liquified petroleum gas). The Korean car manufacturer claims that this made in Kia XM the first vehicle in the world with the race on each of the three types of fuel.

One expects that sales of new Sorento begin in Korea this spring, with the rest of the world following towards the end of 2009 and at the beginning of 2010.

Bentley Continental SuperSports

This is Bentley Continental SuperSports : powered with 621HP and 204MPH Flex-Fuel Supercar
few days ago hand made supercar supersport Bentley has revealed the fastest and most powerful model in its 90-year history ever, this is the new 621HP Continental Supersports,this car will show for the first time in Geneva with sales following in most markets from autumn 2009 and in the U.S., in the summer of 2010. The Continental Supersports, whose name is inspired by the firm's 1925 two-seater 3-litre Supersports model, is powered by a 6.0-liter W12 engine capable of running on either petrol and E85 biofuel or any combination of the two. Bentley supports that the E85 biofuel can offer a reduction of up to 70 per cent in CO2

Eko Yamaha Mio MotoGP

Eko has a mount struggle to change the style of Yamaha Mio MotoGP juggle its modification in the Ton's Chrome, Pondok Pinang, Jaksel. Mio also change the Face of MotoGP mio in the usual circuit.White and red colour was chosen as sport style in order to create a feel of the fresh and clean.

Modifikasi Mio by Arun

this is a real mio, i said Salute to yamaha motor had lauched this Mio motor, like the slogan "yamaha selalu terdepan"
I hope there are many ideas that can come out and share with fellow community's yamaha mio & mio bravo

Arun Mio modified, this is YAMAHA MIO SOULFIGHTER

modifikasi mio

many ideas to create new modifications, just like to modify your Yamaha Mio. and it comes from Ali Wardana, the owner of Oracle Modification Concepts in Jakarta.

you can see From left side view, front lamp:Nouva, rear lamp: Honda CBR, body custom, Mio CW Cas Wheel from Malaysia, TDR exhaust, and Double RPM.Front shield burberry coated, Piagio windshiel.

this pictures

modifikasi motor mio, mio soul,and mio

Front view, so awesome

Psst,… don't let anyone knows. It's engine has already bore up to 155cc. Ali says that it can run untill 140 km/hr. Ck ck ck … Thanks, Ali .. for this idea. You can submit your later concept to me to be listed here.

Ones want to modify like Mio above, you can contact Ali Wardana at :

OMC (Oracle Modification Concept)
Jl. Harapan Mulia XI No. 9
Cempaka Putih Utara
Jakarta Pusat
021-70755444 / 021-68955054 contact him for best modified motorcycles

Again Tata Nano the Cheapest car from india

Tata Nano , The cheapest car coming fromIndia will produced 80.000 unit during 2009-2010,
Tatamotor corp plan is spreading the cheapest car to the people. 70 thousands unit will be finished on March, while the next 80 thousands unit will be done in the next year. Hope this car will also available forIndonesian market, just like other auto corps like Bajaj which has succeed bring Pulsar, and TVS Motor which has bring Apache RTR160.