Mini John Cooper Works Convertible

Cute only goes so far. Fast and cute goes a lot farther (comments posted about girls you knew in college will be deleted upon reciept).

But fast and cute will cost you money, just like that girl in college (I'm invoking one-time editor/founder privilege).

This is the story of the Mini John Cooper Works Convertible. Its base price is $10,000 and change more than a base Mini Cooper Convertible, but that ten grand buys you the difference between 118 horsepower and 208....between a top speed of 123 and a top speed of 146...while giving up only 3 miles per gallon in both city and highway fuel economy (the EPA says 25 city/33 highway).


It also gets you a six-speed manual Getrag transmission, 17 inch alloy wheels with run-flat tires, and red Brembo front brake calipers. All of which covers going and stopping. And it handles like a slot car.


Inside, it's six-way adjustable sport seats with height adjustment, an on-boarad computer, a leather three-spoke steering wheel and the Sport button...which produces quicker throttle and steering response....neither of which was in short supply to begin with.

This is one of those cars that will put a grin on your face that will take days to go away.

No, $34,700 for a Mini convertible isn't cheap....nor is the $38,400 as-tested price (Mini threw in a cold weahter package, premium package with alarm, automatic air conditioning and chrome interior and exterior accents), Xenon headlights, custom paint, a Bluetooth and USB/iPod adapter (frankly, Mini's got....what's the German word for cojones?...charging $500 for that piece...which most automakers are including free of charge)...and white turn signal lights ($100? Really?) .

But find another convertible with this blend of speed, handling and fuel economy...and then find one anywhere near $38,400....much less $34,700.

A truly exciting car today...and, because it's likely to sell in smallish numbers, a collector's performance machine you'll be glad you kept years from now.

BMW M3 ALMS Race Car

BMW M3 ALMS Race CarBMW M3 ALMS Race Car Front

BMW M3 Race CarBMW M3 ALMS Race Car Side Front

BMW M3 new carBMW M3 ALMS Race Car Side Back

BMW M3 InteriorBMW M3 ALMS Race Car Interior

Mustang GT-R concept Car Wallpaper

Mustang GT-R conceptMustang GT-R concept Auto Car Wallpaper

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Crypton 1998

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Crypton 1998

Agung Ismanto so smart search capers or attention primarily to the consumer. Em-Plus crew even had time to be fooled by the manipulation of the motor modifications behavior who once appeared on the Em-Plus.

Long story short, this Yamaha Crypton Yamaha's first champion in the arena of the region I Mofest two years ago in Yogyakarta. At that time, he also became one of the final contestants in Semarang Mofest second one represents the region of Eastern Indonesia.

But as time went on, the motor is initially patterned pearl white with maroon striping, basic change already sporty. And now, ride now, by bringing screen brighter screen plus orange streaks of gray in a few ornaments.

"Overall, there was no basic change in the motor. Only the color is made more challenging. My hope this change could attract consumers interested in home modification work Endok Ceplok Modified. Although with a little alteration, "hope of the village of Great Ngadiretno, RT 17/01, Taman Supreme, Muntilan Magelang, Central Java.

Orange appointed Supreme challenging so dominant all over the cover body.The position of the gray line of sweeteners remain in the middle of the cover, under the seat and rear sepatbor. Even the same color also poured on the swinging arm is also an engine block.

"If it was a small emblem on the wing garputala side. Now contrived larger dimensions. Likewise side engine block, chrome paint combined impressions let elegant, "continued the Grand paint a striped rim.


Front tire: Black Stone 90/80
Tyres rear: 120/80 Black Stone
Rim: Enkei
Airs next: R-Pro Swing Arm: R-Pro
Bodi: X-1 CustomSetang: X-1 R
Rear lights: Kawasaki KLX 150 LED



If during this skubek low rider appeared calm, now there are new ones from Bali. Low rider fun because taxable airbrush touch of color "is usually just a scene at the rim or back, if I were to paint also made merry," the owner must Sugiantara ayik this.

Even so, honestly admitted that the body receives only about 30 percent destruction. But it was already full with the nuance of detail. "Because I still want the identity of remains are still visible Mio.'s Why baseball is too much play in fiber," said Unyil, called daily.

Details had been referred to matters such as lamps. "Initially it wearing light for using naked handlebars. So head lamp agreed to select a model like that," continued the man was 24 years.

Efek Nouvo changes had spread to the middle, exactly in the deck. "The whole is made limiting the middle deck," he said curtly.

Making this new fields also provide benefits. Of course when it arises intention airbrush effects on the entire body Mio. "Delimiter deck was of course not immune from the raids graphic motifs. That's what makes even more excited," added the man who do business in this HP.

The vastness of the area to spray paint the body also occurs in the background. Precisely in sepatbor already made so very big. "Models that mimic HD sepatbor often used in foreign countries. big like that of course also to adjust the rim," added the non-brothers Unyil this Usro thick.

Last to give the impression of being sensational and fun, some indicators seem to come under the handlebar mounted. There are six spheres glued seen here. If that was, according to Em-Plus that makes even so excited mistaken, Bro!

About CAR

Some elements or components that are glued on the Mio was actually adopted from the car. It's things like that have adopted the plural modifier. "For proven to remain fit and appropriate when used in skubek theme," said Sugiantara about variations skubek stuck.

For example, for the rim. To the rear of a Honda Jazz wore variations. This rim has a width of 5.5 inches. "Purposely chosen that model let crowded. Rim with a bolt 10 as it was definitely very interesting," said Unyil again.

While at the front using a rim with a radius of 72 total meetings. "If that is not too wide, just 3.5 inches. Taken from Honda Genio spare tire," said motorcycle owners who like to laugh out loud this.

There's more lho who was also taken from four-wheeled variety. Namely, mufflers!


Front tire: 120/70-14 Swallow
Rear tire: 140/60-14 Tire Deli
Front rim: Custom 3x14 inches
Rear rim: Custom 5.5 x 14 inches
Sok back: Jupiter MX 135LC
Exhaust: Custom
Handlebar: Custom

MODIFIKASI Honda GL-Pro 1984

MODIFIKASI Honda GL-Pro 1984

WJS Development (West Central Java Style) not only inspired hang out European streetfighter. Jap style aroma's style also began to be developed. Obviously with a touch of taste and creativity of the builder. One of them Upeng from Cilacap had done that.

Honda GL-Pro his inspiration mixed with Japanese style which he considered perpetual dynamic and simple. "I think this style will always be up to date," go to the home owner modification of the S-16, Cilacap, who was reluctant to mention real names in the ID card. Doi prefers to be called Upeng.

Simple, because it's like this style prefer designs that highlight the framework and tank-style cute Japanese punk. Problem body does not need to bother with pairs of cover varies. "Just cut to the back, because its form in the lower box seats. Replacing them began to make their own upper arm to cradle seat swing that directly connect to the center of backbone," explained a modifier that hung on Jl. Sulawesi, No. 16, Cilacap this.

Creative Upeng also explores in the form of a rim. Builder's own making front-rear rim of the waste that was not used. "I make 5-inch-wide wheels let me look more fat and solid," said Upeng that this calm.


Front tire: 110/70-17 IRC
Rear tire: 170/60-17 Michelin
Exhaust: Supertrapp
Sok back: Satria
Swing-arm: Handmade
Upeng: 0856-4794-8999

Toyota Highlander 4 Cylinder and Hybrid Review

A four-cylinder Highlander would have been considered a great leap backwards just a couple of years ago. Now it looks like an inspired move.

187 horsepower turns out to be adequate to move this mid-size SUV, and the resulting gas mileage (20 city/27 highway) is nearly identical to the much smaller 6-cylinder RAV4, which gets 21 city/27 highway.

Not only that, but the 4-cylinder Highlander I drove for a week was optioned sensibly (upgraded audio system, cold weather package, convenience package, manual rear air conditioning, the third row seat package, the towing prep package, cargo and floor mats and a tow hitch with wiring harness added less than $4,000 to the $25,705 base price)...resulting in a bottom line 2 grand lower than the V6 RAV 4.

More SUV...less money...essentially the same gas mileage. In this economy, that sounds like a strong package.

UPDATE: The polar opposite of the brilliance of the 4-cylinder Toyota Highlander is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Seven miles more per gallon in the city, true...but two fewer on the highway (27 city/25 highway)...with a base price $16,000 higher. That's right...the starting price is $41,020. And Toyota loaded our tester with enough options to hit $49,086 (an Extra Value Package discount brought the final number down to $48,386).

That's 20 grand more for the same vehicle with a different powerplant, a higher trim level and more options. As with so many hybrids, the Highlander is fine to drive, makes you feel good about your relationship to the environment and all that....but can't win the value argument.

Mercedes Benz Cars Pictures and History

Since its inception, Mercedes-Benz had a reputation for quality and durability. Objective measures looking at passenger vehicles such as JD Power surveys showed a decline in the reputation of this approach in the 1990s and early 2000s. In mid-2005, Mercedes returned temporarily to the industry average for initial quality, a measure of problems after the first 90 days of ownership, according to JD Power. JD Power's Initial Quality Survey for the first quarter of 2007, Mercedes showed dramatic improvement in the escalating 25-5 th place, surpassing quality leader Toyota and earning several awards for its models.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz Picture
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
For 2008, Mercedes-Benz initial improvement in the rating for another brand, now in fourth place. In addition to this distinction, which also received the Quality Award for its Platinum Plant Mercedes Sindelfingen, Germany assembly plant. Since 2009, Consumer Reports of the United States has changed its reliability ratings for various Mercedes-Benz vehicles to the "average", and recommending the E-Class and S Class
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

Modified Acura Integra GS 1991 Pictures | Auto Modification Design

Modified, Acura
Modified, Acura
Modified, Acura
Modified, Acura
Modified, Acura Modified Acura Integra GS 1991 Pictures | Auto Modification Design

Modified Acura integra 1996 Pictures | Auto Modification Design

Modified, Acura
Modified, Acura
Modified, Acura
Modified, AcuraModified Acura integra 1996 Pictures | Auto Modification Design

Volvo S60 Pedestrian Detection

I have mixed feelings on this one....part of me thinking that the driver should determine when to brake (having assessed what's around him) and the other part acknowledging the intent and likely reduction of car-pedestrian accidents.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Volvo S60 Pedestrian Detection (1:57)



Every mechanic certainly have a benchmark in determining whether a measure in a variety of machine parts. Of course, based on research and experience that has been passed so far.

So do not be called speculation. All have the technical considerations. Like when modifying the exhaust or flue hole that in fact play an important role in the performance of a two-step machine.

"There is a limit of tolerance based on the trial so far, including the matter of theory, the" light of Conan, tuner flagged Alifka Motor with full jockey achievement, Eko Chodox origin of Semarang.

Before entering the exhaust modifications, necessary to understand an important note, the basis is, the Suzuki RG Sport specification machine with piston diameter of 54 mm and shorter stroke (48.8 mm) to create energy features quickly aka RPM for easy reach.

Referring in this context, the characters are plotted exhaust the focus in the run-up to high exhaust from the lip of the cylinder are measured at 23.3 mm with a trapezoid-like shape. As a result, everything is absolute in relation to each other to adjust the optimization step.

"Do not forget, the width of the exhaust is also no less important. This one I use the theory of Graham Bell footing where 76 percent of the diameter of the piston, "said Conan, holding up the book Two Stroke Performance Tuning.

So get exhaust the range of 41 mm wide. "Most Important dare to maximize the engine RPM beat down, especially at start up the first 50 meters. Should not be afraid. Here the key to a top-speed is well above average, "said Eko Chodox who had a best-time 7.8 seconds for the distance of 201 meters in two No class Duck Tune Up until 116 cc.

Again and again as the power effects that quickly before, the compression ratio is made a sufficient safety: where headcylinder sized 7.1 2.8 mm, while the blocks still orsi.

Again and again as the power effects that quickly before, the compression ratio is made a sufficient safety: which headcylinder sized 2.8 7.1 mm, were still orsi block. Abide by the standard manufacturer certainly not impossible. Because the fuel and oxygen that flows going missing. Not qualified. His successor is
Mikuni 34. | Ogy

Carburetor: Mikuni PJ 34, MAIN JET: 162, JET PILOT: 58, RATIO: Kitaco, CDI: Satria 120, exhaust: YY Pang Malaysia, FINAL GEAR: 13-40 (201 M) and 15-37 (402 M).

BMW’s Green Sports Car

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

“It’s the sports car of the future, the way BMW imagines it.” That’s how Adrian van Hooydonk, director of BMW’s group design, describes the “BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics” two-door concept vehicle to be unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show. Think of it as a showcase of the many fuel-efficient technologies that BMW has in various stages of development. Some of the technologies already appear in production vehicles, while the feasibility of rolling out other systems stretch the future to the point of never.

BMW’s overarching goal was to combine breath-taking speed and groundbreaking efficiency. In the BMW Vision, that boils down to 4.8-second 0-to-60 miles per hour acceleration and 63 mile to the gallon.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

First, BMW engineers use the rear-axle to combine a turbo-charged small diesel engine and the mildest forms of hybrid technology. That kind of combo comes standard in BMW 1-series cars in Europe. The Vision's setup is a little more similar to the BMW 320d, also to debut in Frankfurt, which uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel to deliver 162 horsepower, while promising more than 57 miles to the gallon. The BMW Vision takes it a step further by downsizing the engine to a 1.5-liter three-cylinder diesel engine mated with the more robust hybrid system found in the pricey BMW ActiveHybrid7, expected in the US early next year.

Not satisfied with 162 horsepower, BMW adds a second motor to drive the front wheels exclusively by electricity. When both motors and the diesel engine are called into service, the overall system can put out 356 horsepower. The BMW Vision is lightweight and aerodynamic. The design features an aluminum chassis and suspension, and an outer skin made mostly of polycarbonate glass. The car’s slippery design boasts a drag coefficient of 0.22—beating out the Toyota Prius’s 0.25.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics

To mitigate the fuel efficiency penalty paid for power, the BMW Vision utilizes plug-in hybrid technology. This is where the Vision becomes more of a fantasy. The combination of diesel and hybrid technologies is widely viewed as cost prohibitive. Adding enough battery power to allow the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics to travel for 30 miles of all-electric drive, as BMW is promising, would send costs through the roof.

BMW also indicates that the Vision only needs a 187-pound 10.8 kWh battery to achieve the 30-mile all-electric goal. To pull that off, the Vision, according to BMW, will discharge the battery pack's capacity by 80 percent, which is likely to significantly reduce the longevity of the battery. (The Chevy Volt will use about 50 percent of its capacity to help ensure a lifetime of use.)

SPESIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 400 R

SPESIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 400 R

Japanese motor manufacturers, Kawasaki seems to want to keep plugging away as a specialist motor sport in the world. Manufacturers are also identical to the green motor sport intend to launch their newest model of the Ninja 400.

The presence of this new model was fulfilled as the models that existed before the Ninja Ninja 250R, 500R, 650R, ZX-6R, ZX-10R and ZX-14.

Kawasaki Ninja 400R news of the birth itself is triggered by a Japanese auto magazine 'Young Machine'. The magazine is even boldly displays the image of motor that reportedly will be launched in the year 2011.

For the Ninja 400R, has been using liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, parallel twin-cylinder DOHC 4-valve. Motor claimed to have qualified personnel to round the bottom and middle.

Ninja 400R carrying capacity of 399 cc four-engine, liquid cooled, DOHC Parallel Twin Fuel Injection. This machine is capable of enyemburkan power to 43 PS at 9500 rpm and maximum torque of 37 Newton meters at 7500 rpm.

Meanwhile, Hellforleathermagazine mention, the presence of the Ninja 400R is a brand-new breakthrough from Kawasaki to bring the model with the machine that does not exist in the breed Ninja. The reason, sebuh magazine, Kawaski Ninja 250 is considered too small. While the Ninja 650 was too big.

"So the presence of the Ninja 400R is a middle way," he said.

Features embedded in the brand-new motor is also quite capable and reflect the character of sport, no less with the second brother. In the suspension system for example, Kawasaki uses telescopic fork devices on the front wheel and offset laydown single shock with adjustable preload on the rear wheels.

Sporty appearance is getting stronger thanks to the use of tire size 120/70ZR17 for the front wheels, and the size 160/60ZR17 at the rear. There are two color choices offered, green and black.

In addition been equipped with fuel injection system, this bike is also equipped with sub-throttle valve to optimize air intake. "With excellent throttle response and smoother engine performance, the motor will be easier to eat a variety of road conditions," wrote autoevolution on Wednesday (11/08/2010).

Meanwhile, her twin sister ER-4n have also used the same engine working system with the Ninja 400R. Included are also short silincer placed under the engine as well as Built-in three way catalyzer which allows the motor has carbon emissions standards in Japan.

For the instrument panel is selected using the LCD multi-function as designed sporty motor racing. This panel displays the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, fuel indicator, and the clock in digital form.

Unfortunately, the Kawasaki has not provided information when the two motor sport 399 cc will be marketed outside Japan, including Europe and Southeast Asia.

As quoted from the MotorcycleNews detikOto, Monday (06/28/2010) Kawasaki Ninja reportedly will feature a capacity of 400 cc engine in two models ie, models and sports a full fairing street fighter.

Still unknown new detailed specification of the motor is owned by Kawasaki. But it is estimated, 400 cc engine which is capable of being carried deep motor power up to 70 bhp

New Styling Honda Civic 2010

The 2010 Honda Civic styling is unchanged, though if you pop the hood on an Si model you’ll see the color of its plastic engine shroud is now black instead of silver. This eighth-generation Civic was introduced for model-year 2006, bringing to the small-car field an artsy sense of design inside and out. No rival has quite matched it for sophisticated good taste, and Honda kept the look contemporary with some “mid-cycle” updates for model-year 2009. These are evident on the 2010 Honda Civic and include slightly sharper definition to the grille and lower front bumper. Headlights and taillights transitioned to trendy clear turn signal lenses with amber bulbs, and several models got new alloy wheel designs. Although it doesn’t have the longest body in the class, no compact competitor has a longer wheelbase than the Honda Civic four-door sedan. This 106.3-inch span between front and rear axles defines the space available for the passenger compartment. In wheelbase and overall body length, Civic’s two-door coupe is about two inches shorter than the sedan. That’s in keeping with a jauntier demeanor that sacrifices rear-seat room to swoopy styling; the difference is driven home by a roofline a significant three inches lower than the sedan’s. Don’t expect the Civic to change much in size when the all-new model debuts for model-year 2011. What that ninth generation Civic will look like, however, is Honda’s closely guarded secret.



When this motor was first released, the Indonesian automotive community was shocked with the boldness made the motor issue newfangled outdate Honda, Honda Scoopy.

Because this bike is something totally new and fresh amid the flow of futuristic bikes and sporty flooding the Indonesian motorcycle market. No doubt people immediately lined up to buy this bike. As seen in the Jakarta Fair, the first day open PRJ, from Honda's sales reached 156 units, more than 80 percent of that is Scoopy.

Of the face, the impression of modern retro indeed been very strong radiated from this Honda's new skutik. It is not strange.

Because Honda Scoopy is designed with rounded body that makes such versatile motor output 1980s ago.

Round shape lamp head lamp combined with a well rounded Sein feels solid on the front. Design then worked with the stern who also rounded so that makes it look more plump than most motorcycles.

Now because of this exotic, detikOto even when you're surrounded by gas and when stopped at a red light.

But what about the sensation of driving? When the opportunity of this motorhome, detikoto Scoopy searching soon fight in the middle of the crowded traffic of Jakarta mercilessly.

The result, the first impression when riding a motorcycle that has the same platform with other Honda skutik BEAT ie it feels comfortable. BEAT a sporty aura has disappeared altogether replaced by a laid-back retro motorcycle.

Can not wait, detikOto immediately bring the Scoopy a walk through the jungle of Jakarta. And as we know, the streets of Jakarta is 'battleground' for the bikers who are very uncomfortable.

However, the Scoopy, it does not feel so, because the leg room seemed cramped in the middle of the deck as prevalent at BEAT is not there anymore.

It happened because Scoopy has a wider deck of the Beat, that comfort level rider would be higher.

For the convenience of this affair, there is a major concern in addition to Honda design. Because with his status as urban skutik, comfort Scoopy's very necessary to fight congestion which becomes the mortal enemy of the urban community.

Not only comfortable when sitting alone, was also proper handling Scoopy thumbs. Because even though plump, Scoopy was so expertly gyrating on congestion.

Moreover, soft suspension in the two legs were doing a great job reducing noise from the street Jakarta filled mines.

And most of all is the responsibility Scoopy is excellent. 110 cc engine similar to that used BEAT proved enough to fight cool asphalt streets.

Because in the run-down only, Scoopy already feels very unresponsive. That was even stronger when Scoopy middle and upper reaches round. Once Geber, Scoopy flawless instantly and easily reach 80-90 km / hr.

Now that cool again, it was pleasing to the eye and the body of a comfortable ride, Scoopy was apparently also economizes fuel consumption as well as other Honda motorcycles. Noted Scoopy able to walk up to 40 km only by drinking a liter of gasoline just aliases 1:40 km / liter.

Unfortunately there is one element that has not been retro Scoopy the horn! Scoopy horn still sounds the same as any other motor.

I wish Honda put a retro horn like a trumpet sound or the like, must complete already retro Scoopy flow.

But overall, with a fresh design in which the other motor car manufacturers rarely played, plus a high level of comfort and its fuel consumption is relatively efficient, Scoopy as inappropriate recommended for people who not only use the motor as a means of transportation, but also for style. The women were definitely enjoying this outdate motor.

2010 Ford Flex

Ford’s recent strategy of car first, new engine later continues with the Flex. Introduced for 2009 with the corporate 3.5-liter V-6, we placed the Flex fourth out of six in a recent crossover comparison, where its prodigious poundage was hard to hustle with only 262 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque on tap.

Technology comes to the rescue for 2010, via twin turbochargers and direct fuel injection. Ford’s long-awaited EcoBoost engine program finally bears fruit in the form of a revised version of its 3.5-liter that gets a big-time power boost—to the tune of 355 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque—with no change in combined fuel economy. Ford estimates 22 highway mpg for the EcoBoost Flex, which matches that of current all-wheel-drive models. The engine will be an option over the naturally aspirated V-6 on all-wheel-drive SEL and Limited models. To handle the higher torque output, some internals have been upgraded, as has the six-speed automatic transmission.

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