Cool Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide on the move in the video below.

Aston Martin Rapide on the move in the video below.There really are some big advantages of having been in the car news game for a long, long time. Cars UK is a relative newcomer compared in particular to people like Autocar, which is about as old as car magazines get. Which probably explains why Autocar editor Steve Cropley was lucky enough to find himself in Kuwait and get himself in to the passenger seat of the new Rapide, next to Simon Barnes, Aston Martin’s project manager.

There’s lots of talk about how the Rapide handles like a DB9 despite being substantially bigger. And that it only weighs in at around 100kg more than the DB9. Also discussed is the Rapide’s ability to cope with the extreme heat in Dubai (not that that is going to be a big issue for UK buyers. Today’s hot at 29 degrees, but that’s positively chilly compared to Kuwait’s 43 degrees).

Steve also gets to park himself in the Rapide on the move. And it’s not the roomiest back seat we’ve ever seen, although he does seem to have enough headroom he seems to be ‘Snug’ to say the least. But I suppose it does prove you can get overweight, middle-aged men like me and Steve in to the back of an Aston Martin. And that’s the first time you can really say that since the Lagonda.

Enjoy the video. It tells you far more than any of the artfully-lit renderings we’ve seen to date. And probably more about the interior than the photos we had a week ago of the Rapide.