Aston Martin Rapide: The Movie

The Aston Martin Rapide Movie

Aston Martin Rapide: The MovieAston Martin has made the Aston Martin Rapide the star of an espionage mystery movie, filmed in Lisbon and released in three parts.Last February Aston Martin decamped en-masse to the Iberian Peninsula to play PR jollies with the new Aston Martin Rapide.

First stop on the tour was Valencia, where the world’s media gathered at Aston Martin’s expense to eat, drink, grab a few rays and fit in a drive or three in the first Aston Martin four door in a generation.

No doubt a good time was had by all, and we got a few stories out of it. We managed to put up an Aston Martin Rapide review of sorts – despite not getting to Valencia – and brought you some extensive B-Roll footage of the Rapide in the hills somewhere between Valencia and Alicante.

And it looks like Aston Martin were loathe to leave behind the delights of Iberia, even once the press had come and gone; eaten their food, drunk their drink and abused their nice, shiny Rapides. Because they took off across country to the West Coast and Lisbon to play at Movie Moguls. Although it took them nine months to get there, such are the delights of Spain ans Portugal.

The resulting film – which is a glorified promo for the Rapide – has been revealed in three parts by AM over the last couple of weeks. But we thought you’d probably end up missing one or two so – as it’s not exactly a tease to keep on top of – we decided to wait until all the bits were in, stitch them together and then publish.

What you get is a very decent attempt at a high-quality viral video by Aston Martin, with a Ronin-like sub-text of espionage and intrigue and a mysterious package. But the story plays tenth fiddle to the real star – The Aston Martin Rapide.