Aston Martin DBS R in the works?

Are Aston Martin working on a DBSR - an uprated DBS?

Are Aston Martin working on a DBSR - an uprated DBS?It could just be a rumour, but we’re hearing it from quite a few places, including the Nurburgring where Aston Martin have recently set up shop. The word is that Aston Martin are working on a more focused, harder-edged DBS. The Aston Martin DBSR, perhaps?

If the rumours are true, and we’re starting to think they are, then the DBS will be following in the footsteps of its predecessor – the Aston Martin Vanquish. The Vanq got an upgrade package after a few years to the Vanquish S (but it seems unlikely that AM will dub the upgraded DBS the DBS S, but who knows?). So it would be pretty logical to do the same for the DBS. But will it make as much difference as the S package on the Vanquish did? The Vanquish S got a 60bhp jump over the standard Vanquish, plus more torque, better brakes and tweaked suspension.

If the AM DBS were to become the DBS R – and receive similar treatment to the Vanquish – then we could be looking at something in the region of 575bhp. Which would probably drop the big Aston to under four seconds to 60 mph and push it over 200 mph.

As we said, just rumours for now. But we’re beginning to take them seriously. More news when we get it