Edo turn Aston Martin DB9 in to Aston Martin DBS. Why?

The Edo Competition Aston Martin DBS

The Edo Competition Aston Martin DBSGerman Tuners Edo Competition have turned a 5 year old Aston Martin DB9 in to a DBS for a Russian customer. But why?When your business is to play games customising exotic cars you must get used to strange requests from clients with more cash than class. We’ve all seem abominations that should have been still-born, but business is business and tuners aren’t going to turn down business if it brings in the readies.

So when Edo competition got a Russian client asking them to turn his five year old Aston Martin DB9 in to a DBS they were happy to oblige. In spades.

Steel body panels were replaced by carbon fibre; the V12 engine got a tweak from 470bhp to 550bhp; a carbon fibre front spoiler and rear diffuser were added. The interior didm’t escape attention with Alcantara/leather with carbon fiber inserts and metal accents.

The customer wanted the highest of high-end sound systems installed – which Edo were happy to do – but he also wanted a new exhaust with butterfly valves so he could turn the exhaust on or off depending on whether he wanted to listen to the car or the music.

Think that’s enough? Not yet. Edo also fitted a competition suspension setup offering adjustable ride height and stiffness as well as compression and rebound damping. The brakes got fettled too with 405 mm rotors and 6 piston monobloc calipers act on the front wheels, while the rear axle is fitted with 380 mm rotors and 4 piston monobloc calipers. High-performance brake pads and braided stainless steel brake lines are used on all four corners.

And hence an Aston Martin DBS – and then some – was created from a five year old Aston Martin DB9. How much did it cost? Edo aren’t saying.

But you can bet it would have been cheaper to buy a new DBS and keep the DB9 for rainy days.