Aston Martin One-77 on London streets

The Aston Martin One-77 London

The Aston Martin One-77 in LondonAston Martin’s £1.2 million Hypercar – the Aston Martin One-77 – has been on a supercar run from London to Silverstone.We’re getting really close to the first production Aston Martin One-77 getting in to the hands of a customer (and in all probability in to the hands of the guy who’s bought 10 AM One-77s), and for the first time we’ve actually seen the One-77 out in the wild.

This One-77 was taking part in a supercar run from London to Silverstone on Friday to promote the FIA GT1 World Championship which takes place this weekend at the new Silverstone track, and was the first chance to see the One-77 both on the move and away from a static display at an event.

We’ve seen the One-77 in the flesh a couple of times, but each time it’s been the same car (the AM One-77 from Salon Prive last year) but this is a different car. It’s being reported as the first production car, but in truth it’s not – it’s best described as the “…final prototype that would be more accurately described as the First Production-Intent One-77.” And that’s from the horse’s mouth. Much to our surprise it looks great in white – a colour we would never have considered for the One-77.

We’ve also seen video of the One-77 before, but that was the video of the One-77 final testing. This time we get a road-ready One-77 doing the ‘London Shuffle’.

Not the most exciting video. But if you’ve ever wondered what £1.2 million on four wheels in London looks like, now you know