Aston Martin One-77: First One-77 deliveries

The Aston Martin One-77

One of the first Aston Martin One-77 customer cars snapped in MonacoThe Aston Martin One-77 is finally hitting the roads, and we have one of the first snapped outside the Hotel de Paris in the centre of Monte CarloRegular readers may remember our story last year about the guy who bought not one Aston Martin One-77, but ten. With the caveat that they were all delivered by September. Well, September came and went and he still hadn’t got his cars, but no one else had either. But deliveries are now starting to roll out.

GT Spirit has managed to grab what we think is the first Aston Martin One-77 papped on the roads (apart from the AM-owned cars). You won’t be massively shocked to learn that this One-77 was snapped outside the Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo. Somehow the hefty price tag becomes more bearable if your income isn’t taxed.

We don’t think this is actually the first AM One-77 to get in to the hands of a customer, but it does seem to be the first to be snapped. The lucky owner of this particular One-77 will have paid the original list price. But those who wanted to drive the One-77 before they bought will have to stump up an extra £150k. Aston Martin has now shoved the price up by 10% on the last remaining cars – before anyone outside AM has driven it.

Interestingly, the snapper of this photo noted the One-77′s VIN number, which seems to indicate that this is the thirteenth One-77 built. In fact, build numbers aren’t actually related to the numbers AM allocate to each car (e.g. the first car built won’t necessarily get the ‘Car 1′ designation), but it would seem odd to many to choose – if in fact the owner did choose – to have what could only be described as ‘Car 13′.

So what’s happened to ‘Mr 10 One-77s’? Seems he had a change of heart and decided the car was worth the wait. What we don’t know is whether he decided to buy ten Aston Martin Cygnets for around town. Which is something 60% of One-77 buyers have done.