The back-and-forth during Saab’s difficult recent history is finally behind them, and the new company is focusing on products. Products like the 9-5 sedan, 9-4X crossover introduced at the Los Angeles International Auto Show, and an updated 9-3 lineup at Geneva.

The company is celebrating its one-year independence from General Motors with a marketing campaign and incentive program. Along with that though, to really seal the deal the Saab has announced a 9-3 Independence Edition.

2011 is set to be a much better year for Saab, and the brand wants to kick it off right. The 9-3 Independence Edition is limited to 366 units, one for each day of the year and an extra for going into 2012 to boot.

In addition, this year also marks the 25th Anniversary of the first Saab convertibles sold. To set the car apart, it gets a unique Amber Orange paint color and aggressive five-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels with a satin chrome/black finish.

Inside, there is a Parchment colored leather seats with orange highlights, along with carbon fiber accents and a unique instrument panel. The grey and orange color scheme features throughout the interior.

The car is based on the top-of-the line Aero model, and offers the availability of one engine, Saab’s 180 horsepower twin-turbo diesel with six-speed automatic transmission. We were hoping reports about the car getting the 9-5′s 220-horsepower four-cylinder, but they were not to be. Hey, it sure looks cool though doesn’t it? No word on how many units, if any, are allotted to the United States market.