The Sound of Classic Rally

Need a moment of zen today? Then plug in your speakers, turn it up, and just listen to it. It’s a compilation of footage from the 2011 Rallye Legend Boucles de Spa, a gathering of classic rally cars that’s a yearly occurence. Old (RWD) Escorts, stage-prepped air cooled 911′s oversteering wildly, just… just watch it. It’s beautiful.

My goodness. Feeling more in tune with your inner Chi now? Not yet? How about footage from 2010? Take two and let me know how you’re feeling later.

It’s already too late to go see the action this year (it was held Feb 18-19), but for more info on the event you can visit the organizational page at Race-Rallye.be. The language selector is at the top right! Enjoy the rally sounds on this Tuesday afternoon.