Aston Martin Cygnet at Harrods

The Aston Martin Cygnet at Harrods

Aston Martin Cygnet in Harrods Brompton Road windowAston Martin is giving Knightsbridge shoppers the chance to see the Aston Martin Cygnet. The AM Cygnet is in Harrods Brompton Road window until 11th December.The last time we reported that Harrods were displaying a car in their window was in the run-up to the release of the Hyundai ix35 in the Summer. That was when Mo was still in charge. But now the Qataris are calling the shots at Knightsbridge’s favourite corner shop things have gone a bit more upmarket – the al Thanis have shoved an Aston Martin Cygnet in Harrods’ window.

In what could be seen as a perfect illustration of the disposable nature of the Cygnet – and how cynical Aston Martin are about the process – Aston Martin is showing the Toyota iQ in posh clothes that is the AM Cygnet at Harrods Brompton Road window until 11th December, in the hope of persuading passing oligarchs to invest the change from down the back of their London sofa in a midget Aston.

All of which is quite unfair. We don’t agree with the whole process of taking a Toyota and badging it up as an Aston, but we do understand that baseless Government targets on CO2 are behind the urgency to reduce Aston Martin’s corporate CO2 averages.

And in the form first proposed – as a City runaround for Aston owners – it made much sense. After all, if AM sold one – or even gave one – to every AM buyer they would almost halve their average CO2. But we think they’ve decided that tripling the price of the iQ by a bit of Aston titivation is too much to resist, so now they’re happy to sell to anyone who wants a Toyota with an Aston Martin badge.