Jaguar has met sales success with the new XJ luxury sedan. The car builds off of the brand’s earlier efforts with the mid-size XF and finally abandons the retro-styling that was weighing the brand down.

Now under the ownership of Tata Group, Jaguar is clearly being taken upmarket. As such new models must be introduced. A new sportscar is almost certainly in the works and a crossover is being considered. But what about an XJC coupe version of the XJ?

Renderings of such a car have floated around before, and the result looks brilliant. The car’s beautiful styling would be applied to a two-door coupe with a very rakish roofline.

The move makes sense from a business perspective, adding a halo model that would increase profits and sales on the XJ platform. The car would go head-to-head with the Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe, but would be “more emotional.”

Sources tell Automobile Magazine that the car would be a “pillarless four-seater (that) features a glass roof and its own sheet metal.” Jaguar’s uniquely British interior and the car’s stunning pillarless proportions could make the car a Jaguar take on the Bentley Continental GT. We can’t wait to hear more about this.