The McLaren MP4-12C is a supercar that has been in the works for quite some time. McLaren Automotive has put a staggering amount of attention to detail in to the car, obsessing over the final product. That has resulted in a bit of time before announcement last year and delivery of the production model next year.

CarThrottle attended a preview of the vehicle last month and was quite impressed with what we saw. One of the few things about the car that hasn’t been known for certain – pricing information, has now been revealed for global markets.

Until now pricing for the MP4-12C has been pegged in the $250,000-range. While the United States has yet to see pricing officially released, that looks to have been a pretty accurate figure.

For the United Kingdom the MP4-12C is priced at 168,500, coming in at about $262,000 USD at current exchange rates. Other markets with announced pricing include Germany, at €200,000, France and Monaco at €201,000, Italy at €201,680 in and Belgium checking in with the highest figure at €203,360.

Pricing announcements for other markets, including the United States, will be forthcoming. European countries markets are the likeliest to see first deliveries of the MP4-12C, so the timing makes sense. Antony Sheriff, Managing Director of McLaren Automotive commented on the figures, saying:

“With a unique carbon chassis as the foundation, and a powerful, but highly efficient McLaren engine at its heart, the 12C offers staggering value: no other carbon-based car can compete at this price-point, or with the 12C’s technology and performance.” Deliveries are slated to begin in the Spring of 2011.