After a good amount of teasing, in October we finally got to see the Chrysler 200 in its entirety. The new 200 is a centerpiece of Chrysler’s plan to boost sales and profits. A slew of refreshed models are arriving for the 2011 and 2012 model years.

Introduced in 2004 as a 2005 model, the 300 has proved to be a very successful product for Chrysler. The company is hoping for a repeat with the refreshed 300 and for similar success with the mid-size 200 (hence the name change).

The 300 has gone quite some time without a refresh – 2012 is a substantive update but, like the 200, not an all-new one. Based on spy shots and Chrysler’s released images, the car looks to debut a less brash, more toned down look.

Inside, expect Chrysler’s renewed attention to detail and material upgrades to feature prominently. The 300 has been in development the longest of the redesigns and as Chrysler’s flagship, should be the most impressive show of the company’s prowess to date.

Will the update be enough to respark the 300′s sales once again? We doubt the refreshed 300 will get a similar reception to the original. In 2005, the 300 was the “it” car and sales reflected that.

Now, sales have fallen back to earth, hitting levels more typical of a vehicle in its segment. However, as one of the few American rear-wheel drive sedans on the market, with the force of a strong marketing campaign and good reviews the new model could see a nice uptick in sales.