Another day, another Porsche. The brand that seems focussed on making as many possible derivatives off of as few chassis as possible introduced their latest flavor today, the Cayman R. Think of it as a Boxster Spyder without the goofy teepee-tent roof, or if you like think of it as a lighter, harder, more basic Cayman S. However you explain it, it looks like a seriously delicious recipe.

Primarily, they’ve focussed on a making it a better driver’s car the right way: less weight, faster responses. The Cayman R is 121 pounds lighter than the normal Cayman S, weighing in at only 2,855lbs. The weight loss program is similar to it’s topless brother, the Boxster Spyder. It includes lightweight sport seats, super lightweight alloys, leather straps for door pulls, and a few other equipment changes to get the weight down.

On the outside, the Cayman R gets a fixed rear spoiler, silver-painted alloys, black headlights surrounds and rear view mirrors, and black or silver body accents depending on the body color. And of course, the show car is painted in a radioactive Chernobyll baby-puke green, so you won’t miss it from a mile. Inside, there’s Alcantara and leather trim all over the place, as well as body color-matched center console and dash trim, as you’d expect in a top-spec Porsche.

Performance wise, the 3.4L horizontally-opposed sees a 10bhp bump from 320 to 330 horsepower, and the suspension receives lower and stiffer springs as well as bigger anti-roll bars front and rear. The static ride height of the Cayman R is some 20mm lower than the regular Cayman S model, giving it a more aggressive stance.

Being a Porsche, there’s an options list, of course. You can choose between a six-speed manual (which you should) and a 7-speed PDK twin-clutch flappy paddle setup (which you shouldn’t.) Porsche’s Sport Chrono package is available, giving you a lap timer as well as launch control and some other goodies. If you’re really into emulating Colin Chapman, there’s a Lithium-Ion lightweight battery available, presumably at huge cost. The manual will do 0-60 in 5.0 seconds flat, while the PDK will do it in 4.9, or 4.7 with the Sport Chrono package. The top speed is pegged at 175 for the manual or 174 for the PDK, respectively. Porsche says the Cayman R has a power/weight ratio of 8.6/8.8 pounds per horsepower (manual/PDK), which compares with 9.3/9.47 for the regular Cayman S. Fuel economy is estimated at 29.12/30.37 mpg (imperial) for the manual and PDK boxes.

The Cayman R will go on sale in February 2011 with about $66,000 on the sticker, which is $4,500 more than the normal Cayman S. An old Porsche trick there – take out a bunch of equipment, stiffen the suspension, and charge more money for less car! Hey, they can only get away with it because their cars are so good to drive. Among the whole Porsche lineup, the Cayman R has the greatest appeal to me on paper. Minimalist lightweight design, the engine’s in the right place, plenty of power, etc. The question is, will the Porsche guys go for it? Of course they will.