I’m so excited about the Fiat 500, I can hardly sleep at night. Alright, that might be an exaggeration – but I love small sporting hatchbacks, and the 500 Abarth will be the first real challenge to the US throne of “blown mini hatch” since the Mini hit our shores early in the last decade. While the turbocharged version of the 500 won’t be arriving at the same time the normal slow versions will, it’s good to know there will be aftermarket support when it gets here.

Novitec, the German tuner known for strapping superchargers to Ferraris (still a concept I find odd in a lot of ways!) has gotten it’s hands on the little turbo Fiat, and the result seems like a lot of fun. There are two stages of tuning available for the 500, the first a mild tune with 164bhp, and the second a more torque-steery one called NT4-Corse with 212bhp. How do you wring 212bhp out of a 1.4L engine? The Novitec website lists a pretty comprehensive spec: a new compressor housing for the turbocharger for increased airflow, a reprogrammed ECU, high flow exhaust, a new intake, and a high-flow fuel pump and fuel injector set. Torque output is listed as 325nM, or 240lb-ft of torque.

There are suspension options, as well. Top of the line are the Challenge Corse coilovers, adjustable for rebound, height, and bound. There’s also a matched shock-and-spring set that’s height adjustable. Topping it off is a range of 17 or 18″ alloy wheels, and body pieces like a carbon rear spoiler, rear diffuser, etc.

Pricing is pretty reasonable – the whole NT4 Corse engine kit is around €4,200, and all the components are available separate if your budget only permits one at a time. The coilovers run about €1,700 which seems a little steep. Still, if it’s anything to go by, it looks like the Mini Cooper is in for some serious competition when Fiatsler gets around to importing the turbocharged 500′s to the ‘States. I can’t wait.