When I was little, I wanted to be a race car driver. I was unaware that A) the best way to make a small fortune racing is to start with a big one, B) I’m way too big, and C) I should’ve started dominating kart racing while I was still in the womb. Thankfully, companies out there feel our pain and offer race-oriented versions of their street cars to customers with a big enough bank account. While I may not ever be a famous race driver, I may one day be rich enough to afford something like the new TT GT4.

Revealed today at the Shanghai Grand Prix race, the TT GT4 is intended for private sale and use in the GT4 racing class. It started life as a top-of-the-line TT-RS model, but has received a working over to make it trackworthy. The engine isn’t any stronger than the stock one; which is okay, when you’ve got a direct-injected 2.5L inline-five turbo under the hood with a wailing 340 horsepower. The UrQuattro wannabe motor is hooked up to an Audi S-Tronic (DSG) 7-speed twin clutch automated manual transmission, and the GT4 is equipped with a center differential lock.

Most of the modifications center around making the car lighter, safer, and up to track spec as it’s already got enough power to send you into orbit. The press release is pretty scant, but you can tell from the pictures that the TT GT4 is treated to some absolutely massive brakes, which are covered by lightweight 18×9.5″ alloy wheels with race slicks.

The body is similar to the TT-RS – the front and rear apron and the rear wing are from the RS, while the hood, doors, and trunk lid are rendered in CFRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) and the windows are Lexan for lighter weight. The front end is covered in louvres and ventilation slots to direct air where it needs to go, with the happy side effect of making the TT look quite mean. The suspension is fully adjustable as well.

Inside, most of the interior has been removed – you don’t need carpet in a race car – and there’s a stout-looking roll cage inside. Fuel is stored in a race-approved fuel cell, too.

The GT4 will sell for an expected €120,000 ($157,000 after conversion!) which is pretty expensive for a TT, but pretty cheap for a ready-to-rock road course race car. It’s also a good chunk cheaper than the R8 GT turn-key race car, as well. Maybe my dream of race car driver is farther off than I originally thought. Guess I’ll stick to writing!