Remember the BMW M3 GTS? We sure do. The car was produced by BMW as a special, extreme M3. Unfortunately, it was available only in European markets, where it sold out quickly.

The 1-Series is about to get an M performance variant of its own pretty soon, but up until now more performance has had to come from customization.

Parkview BMW, a BMW dealer in Ontario, liked the M3 GTS so much that they decided to create their own mini-model based on the 1-Series.

The most noticeable similarity would have to be the same stunning Fire Orange paint that really set the M3 GTS apart. It is also paired with similar black alloy rims.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without other modifications as well and Parkview BMW is happy to oblige. The car gets a a complement of BMW Performance Parts, including an body kit, carbon fiber rear diffuser, mirror caps, spoilers and roof.

Inside, the carbon fiber accents continue, along with an Alcantara steering wheel, M gear shift knob and aluminum pedals.

As far as performance modifications to the engine, whether or not the dealer did that has not been made certain. We do know it certainly looks the part though. You can check out more over at 1-Series fan site 1Addicts.