While the Mercedes-Benz CLS doesn’t compete in the ultra-luxury range of $100,000 and above, it has spurred similar entries both above and below.

The Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera compete above it, while models like the Volkswagen Passat CC aim to copy it.

The CLS is finally getting some direct competition in the form of Audi’s A7 Sportback, and even more could is coming with BMW’s approval of its Gran Coupe Concept for production.

Lamborghini is said to be seriously considering the prospect with the Evoque and Bentley’s next model is likely to be the 16C Galibier. But what about Bentley? It could be considering a four-door coupe model of its own.

The company has a history with segment-blending models like the shooting brake two-door wagon. Thankfully, it avoided entering the SUV craze. But with ambitious growth goals, what is next for the brand? The range-topping Mulsanne and best-selling Continental line have been redesigned.

News about a potential model addition comes straight from Bentley head Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen who said the brand wants to introduce a “third-generation model”.

In other words, a third model line, that is likely to slot below the Mulsanne and Flying Spur. Remember, sales growth often comes by going downmarket. Auto Express says the model being considered is a four-door coupe, based on the Audi A7 Sportback. Given sharing between Audi and Bentley in the past, that move would make sense.

The report says the car would be priced in the £85,000 (approximately $135,861 USD at current exchange rates) range, and could potentially sell very well in markets like China.

This could be a logical next step for Bentley – if the A7 Sportback and the new car don’t share too much with each other. The new Bentley needs to have striking bodywork to set it apart. If done right, it could be a fantastic addition to Bentley’s model portfolio.