Fiat dealers in US to get Alfa Romeo too

The Alfa Romeo SUV/Crossover

Alfa Romeo SUV/Crossover - will be sold through Fiat dealers in the USFiat plan to offer just the Fiat 500 through its US franchise dealers, but will also offer the new Alfa Romeo SUV and other Alfas.With the exception of Ferrari, Fiat’s offerings have never been a runaway success in the US. But with the world getting more eco-minded and Americans starting to see the joy that smaller cars can offer, that could be about to change.

Fiat has been planning taking the Fiat brand back to the US ever since Fiat effectively grabbed control of Chrysler in the big car-maker meltdown in the States (and everywhere else). But what does it take across the Pond to sell to those Americans who want something small and European, but at a price that doesn’t break the bank?

It looks like the decision is that the Fiat franchises in the US (around 200 will be awarded this Autumn) will not get the entire Fiat range to sell. In fact we’re hearing they will get just one model – the Fiat 500 is going to America – and only one.

It appears that Fiat are going to treat the 500 as a stand-alone brand – just like MINI. Which may well work, and we’re not too sure there’s anything much else in the current Fiat range that would turn on even a Europhile American buyer. And in any case, with everything from a convertible to an Abarth to an Electric there’s a Fiat 500 for everyone.

But although Fiat aren’t planning on taking anything but the Fiat 500, they seem to be planning to give the successful Fiat franchisees and Alfa Romeo franchise too.

Fiat are planning building an Alfa Romeo SUV based on Jeep underpinnings which is an obvious choice to sell, together with the 159′s replacement (the Alfa Giulia) from late 2011. Whether they pluck up courage to take the MiTo and the Giulietta or not we’ll have to wait and see. But we reckon canny Americans would take to the MiTo, although it could be considered a bit of a party spoiler for the 500.