Alfa Romeo 4C GTA Concept at Geneva

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta

Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta ConceptAlfa Romeo are taking the Alfa Romeo 4C GTA Concept to the Geneva Motor Show. Beyond that, it’s mostly conjecture.The Interwebs – and our inbox – are filled with rumours of an Alfa Romeo 4C GTA Concept

expected to turn up at the Geneva Motor Show next month. And the story is coming from enough sources for us to believe it to be true. But there are lots of differences in the rumours beyond that.

The most consistent part of the rumour surrounds what the Alfa 4C will run under the bonnet. The clear consensus is that it will be a 1.8 litre, four-cylinder TBi 1750 turbo MultiAir with something around 265bhp. Which, if the Alfa 4C is dainty and light, should make it fun and fast. And better handling than its lardy big brother – the Alfa 8C.

Beyond the oily bits and the name, things get a bit mixed up. Or so it seems. Many are saying that the Alfa 4C will be based on the KTM X-Bow. Which seems a bit extreme for an Alfa, and potentially an expensive route to go. We wonder if this bit of the rumour has collided with the plans by Abarth to build their own coupe?

We’re hoping the Alfa 4C will turn out to be a logical route for the very appealing Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept from Pininfarina we saw last year. But that may just be wishful thinking on our part.