Alfa Romeo Pininfarina Concept at Geneva Motor Show

The Alfa Romeo Pininfarina Concept

The Pininfarina, Alfa Romeo based ConceptPininfarina are to showcase a Concept at the Geneva Motor Show based on an Alfa Romeo to celebrate the anniversary of the two companies.The promise of upcoming goodies at the Geneva Motor Show are starting to come thick and fast as we get closer to the show (starts 2nd March). The latest news is a concept from Pininfarina based on Alfa Romeo oily bits. Which sounds great.

This year is the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo and the 80th of Pinifarina, so it’s a well-timed Concept to showcase what both companies are about. Neither Alfa nor Pininfarina has let slip exactly what Alfa oily bits underpin this Pininfarina Concept, but we’re rather hoping it’s going to be the Alfa Romeo 8C as the donor. But rumour is that all the concepts (three in total) will be based on the 159. Oh, well.

The concept picture – which is just a sketch and all we’ve managed to come up with – shows a typically sexy Alfa-inspired two seat Roadster. A proper, modern Alfa Spider. Just like all that’s best from Italy it has some glorious curves and oodles of style. We just hope the reality lives up to the promise.