Alfa Romeo MiTo Maserati – the courtesy car

The Alfa Romeo MiTo Maserati

The Alfa Romeo MiTo Maserati - the Maserati courtesy carAlfa Romeo have created a Limited Edition MiTo – the Alfa Romeo MiTo Maserati – to be used as courtesy cars by the Maserati dealer network in Europe.As you’ll know if you read here regularly, we like the Alfa Romeo MiTo. Sure, it has its faults (what car doesn’t) but it’s very stylish, remarkably well put together (certainly for an Alfa), fun to drive and holds its value well (which is a real first for Alfa Romeo). But it’s not necesarily the sort of car that would register on the radar of the average Maserati owner. Until now.

Alfa has revealed the Alfa Romeo MiTo Maserati, which on the face of it sounds like they’ve done the same thing with the MiTo as Fiat did with the 500 to create the Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari. But unlike the Tributo Ferrari, the MiTo Maserati is being built not to sell but to be used as a courtesy car at Maserati dealerships throughout Europe (Ferrari actually use Abarth 500s as courtesy cars).

Alfa are making 100 MiTo Maseratis for the Maserati dealer network, all in a fetching shade of blue – Blu Oceano. All will feature the 1.4 litre turbo with 170bhp and get a Limited Edition plaque on the dash and kick plates emblazoned with “Alfa Romeo for Maserati”.

Not surprisingly, the MiTo Maserati is well specced, with 18″ alloys, Dynamic suspension and exterior Sports Pack. Luxury goodies include dual zone Climate, Pelle Frau upholstery, Europe-wide SatNav and hands-free Blue&Me.

This may be a courtesy car special for Maserati, but I wouldn’t bet against it becoming a Limited Edition MiTo for sale if there’s a demand.