Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA – the end?

Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA - are Alfa going to make it?

Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA - are Alfa going to make it?Have been promised the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA for what seems an age. Shown only as a concept, we have been treated not just to the car in the flesh, but a set of pictures of the Alfa MiTo GTA and even an Alfa MiTo GTA video. But reports about the hot MiTo’s demise are now flying round the Interweb.

But are Alfa really going to can the MiTo GTA? Hard to say, but for us it seems highly unlikely. The MiTo has been a roaring success for Alfa Romeo. We share the view (as you can see in our Alfa Romeo MiTo Review) that this little Alfa is a commercial match for the best of the competition. Sure, it has its faults – a shortage of room in the back and odd steering – but the foibles are minuscule compared to Alfas of the past, and for the keen driver – and those who prefer not to run with the crowd – the MiTo is a brilliant choice.

Cheap too, at least where it matters – depreciation. The Alfa MiTo’s residuals are as strong as anything in its class, which makes it a great deal on lease or contract hire. So with so much going for it, why on earth would Alfa shy away from producing a halo version? iMotor are reporting Alfa as saying that the MiTo GTA has been canned because of the economic climate. But we’d argue that the economic woes around make it an even better prospect. People are looking to trade down, and if you have to trade down then a proper Alfa that has blistering performance – at a sensible price – is a great option.

And it’s not as if the work isn’t already done. The MiTo range is in full flow, and the concept – which looks production-ready to us – is getting rave reviews at the prospect. A hot Alfa MiTo, with 240bhp and a price undercutting the MINI JCW by 10% and on a par with the Fiat 500 Abarth would be a winner.

We’d still put money on the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA happening. Sooner, rather than later.