Alfa Romeo MiTo – the Americans won’t get it

Alfa Romeo boss Sergio Cravero says the MiTo won't be going to the US

Alfa Romeo boss Sergio Cravero says the MiTo won't be going to the USSo the Americans won’t get the Alfa Romeo MiTo. At least not yet.

We reported recently that Alfa Romeo is to make a comeback in the US after a 20 year absence. Which of course makes perfect sense now that Fiat are calling the shots at Chrysler. But it appears that Alfa Romeo will be concentrating on bigger offerings – such as the Alfa Romeo Milano – rather than homologating it successful MINI bashing Alfa MiTo. According to Alfa boss, America is not ready for the MiTo. He thinks that the volumes possible – less than 20k – would make the cost of the operation too much to justify.

Which does seem odd logic to us. Surely MINI has shown that Americans – at least a chunk of them – have sophisticated enough tastes in cars to relish a small, well-equipped car like the MiTo. Apart from BMW’s success with MINI, the motoring press and the testers of the Ford Fiesta are quickly realising that around town it’s hard to beat a super-mini.

We can certainly understand Alfa wanting to play safe with its relaunch in to the US. But there’s playing safe and being blind. To say that the MiTo won’t sell enough in the US is, we feel, denigrating the aspirations of a new generation of car buyers in the US, and selling Alfa short in to the bargain.

Maybe he’s just testing the water. I think he’ll find he may have to re-visit the decision if Americans we’ve spoken to are anything to go by.