The Porsche 911 is one of those iconic cars that seems to just get better and better with time. With a modern design, one area that Porsche really hasn’t explored is retro design. The closest the company came recently was the limited-edition 911 Sport Classic model.

RUF Automobile is a well-known Germany company that focuses on the Porsche 911. It has become well-known for its eRuf electrified 911. Its new model, the Porsche 911 Roadster, harks back to the 911 Targa of the 1960′s.

There is, of course, a 911 Targa available right from Porsche. However, the modern car is quite different in approach to the original Targa.

The RUF Roadster, like the original, has two removable roof panels made of carbon fiber, as well as a folding rear window. One of the most distinctive elements, like the original, is a prominent stainless steel-lookalike rollbar that can be seen from the exterior.

The effect it gives off is a similar to the original and the look works well with the current 911′s design. RUF also says the Roadster model will be available in electric eRUF Roadster form as well.

The Roadster is available with two engines – a naturally-aspirated six-cylinder making 400 horsepower and a turbo making 450 horsepower.

The two engines are mated to either a six-speed manual gearbox or a dual clutch unit. Riding in a 911 fashioned like old Targas won’t come cheap – pricing starts start at about €195,000 (about $274,440 at current exchange rates) Ouch!