Sales of luxury cars are increasingly greatly, and that is never more evident than at Rolls-Royce. With the ultra-expensive Phantom being the only model in in the lineup, the BMW 7-Series-based Ghost was introduced in order to increase sales. As can be expected, it is less expensive or in Rolls-Royce-speak more “accessible.

Volkswagen-owned Bentley succeeded brilliantly in adding new models – the Continental lineup has been a huge success in growing sales for the brand. The same thing looks to be happening at Rolls-Royce with the Ghost – for 2010 Rolls-Royce is set to double its output over 2009.

Expect the final tally to come in at around 2,500 units for the year, with profitability way up. With a solid success in the Ghost, Rolls-Royce isn’t finished with its expansion, looking to increase growth further according to Inside Line.

More variants are on the way to continue the momentum. The Ghost lineup looks to grown into a into a full range of models that include a coupe, convertible and even a long-wheel base version.

Long-wheel base models add length and space to the rear passengers and sell especially well in emerging markets like China and India. Coupe and convertible models help to add appeal and enhance profitability further.

With previous comments about an electric Rolls, there are reports that Rolls-Royce is looking to project a greener image in the future. Rolls-Royce Chief Executive Officer Torsten Muller-Otvos, says that “We will evaluate alternative propulsion next year [2011]….we want to find out what our customers expect.”

Nothing too hasty is being planned for a brand known for its dignified and timeless style. An electric Rolls-Royce seems like a good bet for the future though, as it fits in with the brand’s core traits of refinement and quietness.