New Volkswagen Golf Plus BlueMotion Introduced

Volkswagen has introduced the new VW Golf Plus BlueMotion

Volkswagen has introduced the new VW Golf Plus BlueMotionThere seem to be even more new VW Golf variants than there are Porsche 911s, and now we’ve got a new one to add to the mix – the new Volkswagen Golf Plus BlueMotion – as part of the VW Golf Economy Range.

The new VW Golf Plus Bluemotion is basically a Golf Plus with the standard BlueMotion tricks added to improve economy and emissions. These include low rolling resistance tyres, revised gear ratios, start-stop and regenerative braking – the usual box of tricks.

The 1.6 litre common rail diesel engine in the Golf Plus BlueMotion – down from 1.9 litres in the old Golf Plus BlueMotion – manages 65.7 mpg and emissions of 114g/km, an improvement of 11% in economy and 10% in emissions. The upside of all this is a big drop in the benefit in kind cost and big savings on fuel. VW reckons that the average Golf driver – who does around 8,000 miles a year – will only have to fill up once a month.

The new VW Golf Plus BlueMotion comes in either S or SE trim levels, and the price premium over the standard Golf Plus is £325, meaning the Golf Plus BlueMotion starts at £17,570. And the trim levels are half-decent. The SE gets ABS and ESP, together with six airbags and AirCon. Move up to the SE and you get Park Assist, Cruise and alloys. You also get the irritating little light telling you to change gear on both models.