In this modern age of convenience and technology, consumers want their products now. That is particularly the case in America with our automobiles.

Unlike other continents such as Europe, we buy our cars off the lot and don’t do order to specification. To those with a bit of patience, placing an order to get exactly what you want is the best option especially with such a major purchase.

BMW is one manufacturer aiming to show the benefits of that method with a new build-to-order campaign for the X3, and Saab appears to be aiming to make it more attractive as well.

It works sort of like a tracking number for a package, tracking it all the way to delivery – only even better. According to What Car Saab aims to expand this model into the automotive sector and they way they are doing it is innovative.

The company is currently installing cameras inside its Trollhättan factory. The camera will text message a customer photos of a their specific vehicle being built at certain points in the assembly line.

The plan is to add a real-time video feed later as well, something BMW is doing with the X3. For techies like us, we love to see manufacturers doing stuff like this. And who better than Saab, one of our favorite brands?