McLaren Automotive is moving full-speed ahead with its efforts in launching the MP4-12C. The supercar was designed to take the brand into the world of volume exotics, and no expense was spared in the effort.

In May of this year, McLaren announced locations for 35 dealers. While McLaren has a rich automotive history known to us enthusiasts, they are starting from scratch in creating this dealer network. It will be separate from the network that serviced the F1 supercar.

As McLaren works to get that network ready for launch next year, CarThrottle attended a preview of the MP4-12C for the Palo Alto, California location. It will be referred to as McLaren San Francisco.

Over 600 businesses applied to become McLaren dealers – a very high number that was winnowed down to just 35 top-shelf dealers around the world.

McLaren says each was chosen to fit the company’s exacting standards, selecting dealers that already have established a strong network of customers.

These are the right dealers that will help the MP4-12C to avoid falling prey to speculators. It is a fate Lexus tried to avoid with its LFA supercar through a leasing program.

Also, as a part of McLaren’s tough standards, each dealer will be required to have on hand every part of the MP4-12C. This is a huge investment on the part of the dealer, and is done to ensure customers will not have to wait for delivery of parts.

The silver MP4-12C on hand was stunning inside and out, built to an impressive standard of fit and finish. The particular car shown had optional carbon fiber accents, which will be available to customers as standalone options when ordering.

The interior is very driver focused, with a roomy atmosphere and excellent visibility. Lack of visibility is a problem plaguing many supercars and an area this car stands out in.

Executives for the company plan to release a new variant about every year for the next 5 years. That includes new models and additional MP4-12C model lines.

What exactly is in the works is under wraps for now, but we think a race-focused model and a convertible variant of the MP4-12C is likely for the near future.

Three models will form the core of McLaren’s lineup – the MP4-12C and two additional model lines. There will be a new top end model as a successor to the F1 and a volume model competing in Porsche 911 GT2/GT3 territory. The model to come next will be the new supercar.

One of the things that sets the McLaren MP4-12C apart is its carbon fiber tub. It enables a cocoon-like safety cell for the driver and passenger, as well as offering lightness.

With extensive uses of carbon fiber and aluminum, MP4-12C weighs in at just 2,866 pounds. Producing 586 horsepower from its 3.8-liter V-8, this should ensure a 0-60 figure of less than 4 seconds.

Interest in the MP4-12C from consumers has been characterized as high, with thousands of expressions of interest. With McLaren’s no-expense spared approach with the MP4-12C, we can see why.

We’re looking forward to the comparison tests that will appear next year comparing the MP4-12C with its arch rival the Ferrari 458 Italia. The competition has been warned – a new competitor is in town.