Neiman Marcus is a high-end luxury catalog with a diverse range of clients that are ready to purchase its products at the drop of the hat.

That is true even in the automotive segment. Every year, the catalog works with a manufacturer to provide a product going into the year-end Christmas season.

Last year, it was an exclusive version of the new Jaguar XJ. With only 50 available, it sold out in four hours and four minutes. We thought that was impressive – but for 2010 the Camaro Convertible handily beats that.

There was 100 models of the Camaro Convertible available, and they all sold in three minutes. Whoa – that’s quick. BMW’s special edition M6 sold out 50 units in 2006 in one minute and 32 seconds. Phone lines for ordering the $75,000 Camaro opened a few hours after it made an appearance on the NBC Today Show.

So what does $75,000 get you over a standard Camaro Convertible? An exclusive Deep Bordeaux (a Neiman Marcus staple) paint, along with ”ghosted” rally stripes, a matching color fabric top, windshield frame in silver and 21-inch alloy wheels with red accents.

As far as powertrain, as it based on the SS model, you get a 6.2-liter V-8 with either a 6-speed automatic or manual transmission. Delivery begins in Spring of 2011 like the standard car – there isn’t any early bonus delivery for ordering though Neiman Marcus.