Tuning companies typically specialize in the outrageous, but Mansory has been known particularly for its over-the-top distastefulness. It has been toning it down a little bit lately though, with models like the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost.

Lotus has chosen to work in partnership with Mansory to bring a customized Evora to the Geneva Auto Show. The Evora is already one good-looking mid-engined sportscar, but the Mansory collaboration actually manages to make it more desirable. Imagine that!

Reports have been circulating that Lotus planned a facelift for the Evora to make it more aggressive. Those in fact were likely referencing the Mansory Evora, which looks more aggressive. Lotus is aiming to use the Evora to show the possibilities of customization. From the factory, the Evora is pretty sedate – a blank canvas, if you will.

The car adds a healthy dose of carbon fiber and we think the result is brilliant. Its enough to make us forget its a Mansory. To herald arrival of the car, Lotus issued a coy press release, which can be found below:

Is It Always Wise to CUSTOMISE?

Who: Lotus

What: The multi-award winning Lotus Evora as you’ve never seen it before.

Where: The Lotus stand, Geneva Motor Show, Hall 1, Stand 1031

When: 2.15pm, Tuesday 1st March 2011

Why: Because we can. And because we know you’re curious……

So you don’t want to wait until Geneva? No problem, click on the ‘undercover’ image above or go to the ‘news’ section of www.lotusnewera.com for a sneak preview.

Let’s be clear on this: contrary to media reports, what you’ll see in Geneva is NOT an Evora facelift. It’s a taste of the future of Lotus product customisation. Merely the first toe in the water and a showcase of the potential future.