There is a lot of money spent in advertising – in fact, reports peg marketing spending at $612 billion a year, and researchers estimate the average American is exposed to some 3000 advertisements every day.

The Super Bowl XLV, coming up Sunday, is the most expensive day of the year for advertising. With the chance to make a big splash before what is likely to be over 106 million Americans, auto manufacturers are working to bring out their best.

Chevrolet is making up for its recent lack of Super Bowl participation big time this year. Eight – yes eight – different spots will be run. Two ads run pre-game, five during the game and one during the post-game show. They focus on some of Chevy’s most important products – the Camaro, Cruze Eco, Silverado HD and the Volt.

Chevy is looking to win the day against a host of other automakers competing for attention: Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Kia. industry players like Ford, Honda and Toyota have opted to stay out of this year’s Super Bowl advertising. Ahead of the game, Chevrolet has released two of its Super Bowl ads featuring the Camaro. You can check them out below.