Bentley’s Continental lineup has been an undisputed success. Bentley’s resurgence was predicated primarily on the increases in sales that these two models brought, as the Arnage carried over from the pre-Volkswagen days.

The GT coupe is no doubt the star of the lineup, but the Flying Spur came along after in 2005 to provide something for those looking for a four-door version.

The Continental lineup is now about to enter its second-generation, with the evolutionary 2012 Continental GT introduced in September of this year.

The redesigned Flying Spur has yet to be introduced, but it is on its way. Like with the Continental GT and GTC, Series 51 models are being introduced as a sendoff to the outgoing model.

The packages mainly focus on individuality, adding 14 different combinations for customer’s to tailor cars to their liking.

Melinda June-Jenkins, manager of colour and trim and Bentley says:”Each Series 51 Flying Spur is instantly recognisable – most notably in the cabin area – where the colour and trim team has created a wide selection of three-tone interiors demonstrating the full potential of the company’s vast colour palette.”

Bentley isn’t encouraging customers to go all wacky a la Mansory however. With a customer’s choice of three constrasting colors, Bentley’s styling team says it will work to create “complex but harmonizing color schemes of depth and beauty. ” They start with a main interior color and wood veneer, then select a second insert color for contrast. Hold on though – there is one more, a third “accent” color for the stitching and piping.

Bentley has released some images of one of the combinations they have designed. What do you guys think, did they create something individual but yet still tasteful? Let us know in the comments.