New Alfa Romeo Giulietta (2010)

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta at Geneva

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta promo video belowThe Alfa Romeo Giulietta will be hitting the road in the UK and Europe in the next month or two, and this is a great promo video from Alfa. Terrific looking car.As we always do these days we had ample teases for the car that became the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. In it’s gestation from the old Alfa 147 it was possibly going to be the Alfa 148 and then it was certainly going to be the Alfa Milano. In fact, we even got photos as the Alfa Milano. But a less than happy Alfa workforce put paid to that notion. So we ended up with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

And all we can say is thank-you, unhappy Alfa-bunnies, for that last minute name change to Giulietta has given Alfa Romeo the excuse to feature some previous generation Alfa Giuliettas in this promo video for the new Giulietta.

The Alfa Giulietta is the best looking car in its sector. It makes the competition – the VW Golf, the Ford Focus, The Vauxhall Astra – look like the ugly friends that hang around the best looking girl on the block hoping to pick up the leftovers.

Being the best looking car in the game has always been the case with Alfas, but the reality has always been the letdown. A bit like finding yourself with Angelina Jolie and – once the obvious benefits have worn off – discovering she’s as thick as two short planks. The Alfa always enticed with its looks and lets down with its unreliability.

But the Alfa MiTo has changed that and the Alfa Giulietta looks set to emulate its baby brother in reliability and residuals. Which should let Alfa clean up, with options from a 100bhp diesel through to the Quadrifoglio Verde with a 1.7 litre turbo petrol with 235bhp.