The Los Angeles International Auto Show is coming up just next week and Chevrolet has picked the show as the perfect place to launch the new Camaro Convertible. Where better than sunny Los Angeles?

Chevy spaced out introduction of the convertible model to keep up interest in the Camaro, which has sold impressively since its debut. It even came close to beating the Mustang in the sales race last year, but has since fallen behind.

The Mustang has always had the benefit of a convertible model to increase appeal as well, while the Camaro and Challenger have been coupe-only.

That is about to change – and we can already see the Mustang convertible vs. Camaro convertible comparison tests being lined up for next summer.

The new photos aren’t exactly high-resolution, being put up on Chevy’s Facebook page. After hearing so much about it though, the car has finally been completely revealed in full production guise.

We weren’t exactly waiting with baited breath to see it though, given pictures we’ve seen previously from Chevy and Neimain Marcus. The Neiman Marcus special edition model sold out in just 3 minutes.

The important thing to glean from these pictures is that the Camaro Convertible looks great with both its top up and down. That is no small thing, as many convertibles can look awkward with their top up.

We’re looking forward to seeing it out on the streets next spring. It starts at $30,000 for the base model V-6 and will be available at launch in SS guise, powered by GM’s 6.2-liter V-8.