Aston Martin has been trumpeting the One-77 for a long time, and we don’t mind. OK, the slow drip drip of information at the beginning was a bit maddening, but who would turn down hearing about the most outrageous Aston of them all?

Late last year the company announced that just 17 One-77s were left. That is out of a run of just 77 models, as its name implies.

Not bad sales figures for the world’s second-most expensive car in the world, just behind the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Gran Sport. With a 7.3-liter V-12 making 750 horsepower, it also stands as the world’s most powerful car with a naturally-aspirated engine.

Aston Martin has just commenced deliveries of the One-77, with the first one taking place in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The first production One-77 out in the wild was spotted by the website GTSpirit outside the Hotel De Paris, painted in black.

With production having been started, deliveries of the One-77 are set to take place through the end of the year. Now to see how long it takes for the company to announce that the remaining One-77s are sold.