Alfa Romeo MiTo to get MultiAir

The new Alfa Romeo MiTo gets MultiAir technology from September

The new Alfa Romeo MiTo gets MultiAir technology from SeptemberWe seriously rate the Alfa Romeo Mito, and were very impressed when we did a Review of the Alfa Romeo Mito a few months ago. As far as we’re concerned it offers one of the most appealing packages in its class, and it is huge fun to drive. Our one reservation was the build quality, but there seem to have been no reports of problems in this area, and the residuals for the Alfa Romeo MiTo are about the best in class.

So it’s good to see that Alfa Romeo are pushing things on with the MiTo (but we’re still waiting for the MiTo GTA!) and have announced that they are to fit MultiAir technology to the MiTo’s 1.4 litre petrol engine from September.

MultiAir is a Fiat patented technology that inproves performance and torque whilst reducing emissions and improving economy. Very hard to argue against something that gives more for less. MultiAir works by improving combustion and engine management, and in the MiTo it will improve power by 10% and torque by 15%, and at the same time reduce CO2 emissions by 10% and improve economy by the same margin.

The MultiAir 1.4 litre will be able in three flavours – 105bhp, 125bhp and 170bhp – with the most powerful version available only on a new model, the Quadrifoglio Verde MiTo – literally ‘Green Four-Leaf Clover – which Alfa Aficionados may remember as the emblem on Alfa’s Racing Logo.

Now if Alfa could just get the MiTo GTA out and about we’d be happy bunnies