Alfa Romeo 8C GTA & Alfa MiTo GTA Spied

The Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA & Alfa Romeo 8C GTA Spy

The Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA & Alfa Romeo 8C GTA SpiedIt looks like Alfa Romeo are close to launching both the Alfa MiTo GTA and the Alfa Romeo 8C GTA as a celebration of their centenary.Through the early part of last year we were convinced Alfa Romeo were going to launch a halo version of that cracking little car the MiTo, and bring the GTA badge out of the history box at the same time to create the Alfa MiTo GTA. Blimey, we not only managed to report details of the MiTo GTA but even had a video from Alfa of the MiTo GTA concept running around.

But that all seemed to go out of the window when reports started flying round the car world last July that the Alfa MiTo GTA was dead and the hottest we’d get was the Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio, although on both occasions we expressed the belief – probably more in hope than expectation – that Alfa would give us the MiTo GTA. And it looks like they’re going to if the boys (and girls) over at Unica Strada are right with what they’ve snapped.

So you’d better start refreshing your memory on what the 244bhp Alfa MiTo GTA has to offer by looking at the Alfa MiTo GTA Video and the MiTo GTA photos. But Alfa GTA goodness isn’t going to stop at the entry level Alfa. Oh, no. It looks like it’s going to hit the top of the range with an Alfa Romeo 8C GTA, also snapped by Unica Strada.

We speculated on the Alfa Romeo 8C GTA back in August. It seemed a great way to go for Alfa in their centenary year. And it looks like it’s happening. Unic Strada claim the 8C GTA has managed to lose 150kg thanks to the extensive use of carbon fibre (slightly more than we estimated back in August), gets an extra 50bhp (now 500bhp), some suspension tweaks and a fiddle with the ratios on the ‘box. You never know, it might now be as good as it looks.

It is said that Alfa will limit the Alfa 8C GTA to just 100 cars as a centenary celebration, but no word on price. No word on price for the MiTo GTA either, but our hope and expectation is that – unlike the 8C GTA – the MiTo GTA will become a regular – if special – MiTo model.