Since Toyota’s acquisition of a 17.1% stake in Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries in 2008, the automotive press has speculated by a sports car developed between the two.

The FT-86 Concept at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2009 previewed Toyota’s version of the car. We haven’t heard much from Subaru until a recent confirmation of a concept coming to the Geneva Motor Show. Now it’s Toyota’s turn, confirming an FT-86 for the Geneva Motor Show.

Notice A FT-86 not THE FT-86, because the new car is just a concept once again. It is dubbed the FT-86 Concept II, and promises to be much closer to the final production version.

We just want to see the production car already though. Toyota, with a spate of bad news recently, is milking this one for all its worth however.

It has been criticized for making boring, passionless cars, but in its press release Toyota says the car “embodies the company’s reborn passion for sports car driving.” What do you think, is the FT-86 II likely to be the real deal or are you already sick of hearing about it?