New The Best Of Car Throttle 2010

After 365 days have come and gone people and it is now time to think about car butterfly busiest year in history (yes, it was only our second year of life, but whatever). Over the past twelve months has seen us build partnerships with some of the world's leading manufacturers, our team noted the increase in size, and our reputation is growing throughout the world wide web.

We won a very big hole in the industry, automotive performance as an online magazine containing an odd but informative editorial, and we hope to build in 2011. This, along with new content and video coverage, this means that next year should be phenomenally high.

Without further ado, here Top 10 lists in '10, we depicted on CT. These articles I most viewed pages on our data analysis and gives a wonderful insight into what we do. So now think we have gone, while the last hours of 2010! Happy New Year!

Introducing Hennessey Venom GT (mostly) agree on a mid-engine supercar is powered by a carbon fiber obscenely powerful engine GM LS9. The basic ingredients are as follows: Take fly-weight mid-engine Lotus Elise, which normally has a 190bhp Toyota engine, mixed with equal parts dubbed LS9, stretch, poke and whack and what have you? £ 2,400 mid-engine, carbon fiber rocket with a 725bhp V8 engine as standard. I repeat: Lotus Elise 725bhp.
Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 has always derived from the polar species. As in, or people like him or hate him. There is enough love to GT500, usually under the bonnet: a massive 5.4L V8 32V, which ends with a big old compressor, but I have plenty of weapons grade horsepower: 540bhp and enough torque to the trailer park to drop.

The main differences are the visual style STI flared fenders, which increases the track width of 1.5? front and rear. There is a new blackout grille, there is much more attractive than the old, and some other small changes.

Some cars are totally misleading reputation for reliability in light of abundant evidence. These are cars that people buy as their reputation suggests you to enjoy several years without problems and it was an unpleasant surprise when their wallet bleeding I keep them dry on the road. Here are a few in mind that you might not realize keep.

Changes in the current Porsche Cayenne no confidence in this writers opinion. The original Cayenne was no doubt useful, but refresh receive is far from small.
We believe that Cayenne is an observer in the SUV segment. Common platform with the VW Touareg, which is also introduced at the Geneva Motor Show.

Since launch, praised by Car and Driver best luxury SUV in 2005 and won Motor Trend Sport / Utility of the Year in 2005, comes out on top in many other comparative studies. MDX was completely refurbished in 2007 and won in the mid-cycle enhancement (MCE) for the 2010th model year
That's all it promised to be? To answer CarThrottle tested the MDX for one week, giving him a chance to prove his courage.
Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (Klimša 2010) has finally happened, after a delay. Held every three years to bear fruit, and eventually is completely worth the wait. The event was scheduled to run until December 12, 2010 March CarThrottle attended the event on the opening day.

I love Canada. I went to school just across the border and Canadians have always considered me a very good group of people. Although a little crazy, it seems interesting ways. Take for example Volkswagen Scirocco tuning company that British Columbia has its hands. Bottom line: The 550-horsepower, four-wheel drive and lots of studs.

Genesis Coupe tested in the first place is fully loaded, 3.8 V-6 automatic models CarThrottle Nordschleife track in Gray is $ 32,875.

3000GT VR-4 tags and what is right and what is deadly wrong with the car industry. What is remarkable, because they have not done one since, oh - 2000. U.S. imports stopped in 1999, meaning that the longest of the 3000GT more than a decade at this point, so the importance of the VR-4 is controversial. But it was pretty telling.