New EBay “Other Makes,” Part II

eBay "laws" as a deep pool as your sixth, you can go there, but you can settle, there are so many fun things in this dark corner of eBay's difficult to name just a few favorites to choose. Want more? You have come to the right place.
You know what's really boring? Ride only on the mainland. We need a car that can run directly from the boat dock on the lake. You can add the auction for the Amphicar, 1965, when the bill for you. The seller claims that it is in good condition, but a lot of garbage on it suggests that several Ran when parked. I'm not trying to be a negative Nancy, but certainly a safe before entering the lake. These cars are also covered. Bidding is up to $ 6,225 with reserve not met, no surprise that buy-it-now $ 27,500. A good thing for cars and boats? Or would you rather buy a Mazda, and jet and save the rest for gas?

More Panoz-style hand-built convertible here. Originally intended to be an instrument of resurrection after Bruce DeTomaso marked anxiety (which should DeTomaso importer in the U.S.) and Alejandro DeTomaso got spit and bread, Bruce bought the rights to produce and renamed fear Mangusta cars. It's a little bit. What Esperanto is a compact sedan built by hand using many mechanical parts of 32V Mustang Cobra - namely, 320-performance, modular V8 engine, a Tremec T45 5-speed, lots of plants. Oh, and steering wheel - cheesy! Unlike the Panoz, was built in Modena, Italy. But with built-in 272, is relatively rare. I saw the black on our local Cars & Coffee meet before and they do not as bleak as in real life in pictures. It can be purchased in Dallas, TX with 13k miles for $ 29,950. Looking for a super-rare Italian exotic, but a little expensive for the Mustang Cobra funny to see.

We had the perfect car for people who can not make up their minds, the perfect car for someone who wants a rare Mustang, and now is the perfect car for the Zombie Apocalypse! This is 1972 Pinzgauer 710 meters, which I think is the name off the tongue smoothly. These military vehicles are designed and manufactured in Graz of Steyr-Daimler-Puch in 1970 and 2000. It is somewhere between Geländewagen Mercedes (S class) and HMMWV in size, and it's pretty unstoppable vehicle. These come with a 2.5L air-cooled inline four with all 87bhp under the bonnet, so there is no spaceship. But Pinzgauer vehicle to go anywhere is hard to beat. The engine has two fuel pumps to prevent starvation, even at an angle. There are portal axles for high ground clearance, rear transaxle for balance, three anti-lock, you name it. The seller says that everything works perfectly and is unaffected by rust worm yet. It was the day to spend in 2003, ferry guests around the vineyards - an easy life for heavy vehicles! Grasping the low mileage (25k!) rare-in-the-state Pinzgauer for sale in Napa, CA for $ 15,000.

People in the apartment complex near my home is one of the few years that I do not know enough about them to understand that it is justified in view many photos and nerding. This is a 1989 827SL Euro, the Europeans know how Rover 800 series, and the Americans known as "what you are?" Euro 825 and 827 were sold in the U.S., Austin-Rover between 1987 and 1992, combined mechanical and daring pieces of dead reliable Acura Legend and the rest of the Rover. What does it mean that the only thing that will not break and the engine, gearbox and suspension to replace. 2.7 liter V6 smooth as butter and hard, but finding the pound is a bit dark art in those days. The seller says this is a thoroughly with water (he rode back and Sterling 96 ... I know this man) and had a lot of recent work: the valve cover and oil pan gaskets, CV joints, belts, shocks, gaskets injectors, etc., were recently replaced. This is my 132K on the clock, but with a starting price of $ 2,500, you can still manage to attract so much "what the hell is it?" Comments? Look at the auction site. I actually wrote a story about Euro and CT for this article can be found here. Now the only thing more bizarre in this respect would be something like Mercury Scorpio ...

Oh hey, look! Merkur Scorpio! While ARCON / Austin-Rover has managed to almost 33,000 Sterling on an unsuspecting American public asset in 1987 and 1991 Ford Mercury brand (which is basically a Ford imports in Europe channel) varied only 21,000, and Scorpion in the U.S. One in two years would be procured in 1988 and 1989. Scorpio was the top-of-the-line trim for Granada, Ford of Europe in full nudity at the moment, which is actually a pretty good car. Front engine, rear wheel drive with independent suspension on all four corners of the Cologne 2.9L V6 provides power, Scorpio is like a less douchey BMW E28. But with a price close to $ 30,000 in 1988, and styling that clearly a Mercury Sable Topaz or similar parts showroom with the surface, Scorpio is not what you would call a big seller here in the states. I have personally seen, but it was in the trash about 10 years. Now Scorpio are thin on the ground, but maybe you can a better place since the beginning of this discovery. The outside is crisp and the interior is the worst, is not implemented, and the owner sounds like he was 18, poor, and looked over their heads. Bidding starts on high (presumably without reservations), the car is available in Redlands, CA now.

Ahh ... This is ... Ferrari? Dual-Ghia? Jensen? No, it must be a true classic sports car nerd to admit - my eyes more when I got this message. This is 1961 Lets Face Vega HK500. Lets Face brand is the French answer to Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar and - cars are expensive, large caravans. But instead of a nice techy V12 quad carb, Lets Face Chryler V8 used -. This is mainly used Mopar 383ci V-Hed V8 with two four-barrel Carter carbs, and 4-speed Pont-a-Mousson manual gearbox Back in the day, Face Latvian these great cars of the stars - Stirling Moss used his HK500 travel to competitions was Albert Camus died in HK500, and Pablo Picasso had one. Oh, and Ringo Star - and Fred Astaire. Something like Bentley Continental GT and now - or rather, the Prius, as the metric. What price all this muscle, the French celebrate? HK500 on eBay for a while at the "Internet" prices only $ 159,000 now. See the list here.

Hurry! The name of a car with three points, but McLaren F1 - Ready, Set, Go. Drawing a blank? What a bizarre mid-engine, three-seater Matra Bagheera S? What? This quaint small coupe, which was co-designed and Matra Simca, Simca and used engine / rear transaxle reversed and mounted in the center that drives the rear wheels. 1300cc engine was good for 00-60 12.2sa top speed of 116 km / h, which is comparable to cars like the Alfa and Opel Manta GT 1300 Junior 1900: email body on this one is rust-free - but then again, then the body panel Polyester. The main point of interest would be damaged steel frame. This example is 1979, which means it probably a 1.5 liters engine later, but the ad is not shown. With only 38k on the clock, it is well preserved with Bagheera, Buy-it-now $ 11,999. And even more importantly for sale in the U.S. trade on private-70 Raleigh, NC! Maybe I'll have this bizarre case later.
Hey, what about Morgan Aero8? This car is a traditionalist who brought Morgan back in the modern producers in the middle of last decade. That's pretty good value, buy-it-now set at $ 43.500, which is part of a new car retail prices. And with only 1835 miles, it might be new. According to the vendor can be imported only about 40 of these modern Morgan to the United States in 2005-2006. It is a delightful mix of classical features Morgan - ash body, the body, drop-side doors, narrow but well-trimmed cabin, and prominent front fender supports. But instead of the old Rover / Buick V8 uses modern BMW 32V is connected to the transmission of the BMW 6-speed, which means that it is amazing how quickly and correctly.

It is blue with white piping leather interior, dual side-exit exhaust, and lots of other goodies. Check this rare low mileage bargain here to sell what looks like a specialized Morgan in Santa Monica, California.
And let us end the good old Soviet-era Russian car. This (as you say, probably cheesy Watermark) is a Volga GAZ-1921, 1961 model specific. The list is a mixture of single picture, almost no information, text, which is a mixture of broken English and ill-concealed hostility. What could be better? "In Russia, a check for the purchase of the Volga." Hey! Chill out.

The list says that the 4-cylinder with manual 100,000 miles in good condition. "Even a superficial site is included in" Europe, the Russian Federation. "Ah, Okay, so Buy-it-now set at $ 14,900 and includes transportation to all major port, although warned of import. Here is a list and mail-order bride Russian Volga If you dare to intervene.