McLaren has been readying its MP4-12C supercar for quite some time – we’ve been hearing about the car for years but the official unveiling took place in late 2009. Since then there have been a few delays, but the car is on track for global sale this year.

The length of time is part of a painstaking development process that results in the impressive vehicle we hear about today.

In San Jose last year, CarThrottle attended an unveiling and launch of McLaren San Francisco by Price Family Dealers. We came away impressed – its a car that pictures just don’t do justice to.

One thing we haven’t known about the car is its pricetag – various figures have been bandied about, with them mostly being pegged around the $225-250,000 range. Those were about right, but the good news is the final figure has come in at the low end of those estimates – $229,000.

That places the MP4-12C’s right in the heart of the supercar market, and that makes sense as McLaren is clearly gunning for the competition.

The Ferrari 458 Italia comes in at $225,000 and the Lamborghini LP-570-4 at around $237,000. Get ready for some really interesting comparison tests over the next few months as the three duke it out.