New Civic Coupe and Sedan Concepts

Honda Civic compact is determined by the market. It has always been a favorite of people who love to drive, as well as people who only need a car that will not break. But Honda was as follows: "If it is not broke, do not fix it" mantra too long and it's safe to say the competition has really captured the moment. Chevy Cruze, the new Ford Focus, the new Elantra, Mazda3 and the new all have several advantages over Civic - whether in technology, comfort, price, performance and economy. Therefore, the Civic gets facelift for 2012 ... and outside, it seems that more of the same.

Honda actually two concepts of civic education debuted at NAIAS this year, Coupe and Si Sedan Concept concept. Let us look at the Coupe came to the two external changes. Front sloping holds, but evil gets a new grille, headlights design. For me it is a mixture of Euro Civic at the top, and a miniature Nissan GT-R on the bottom. A little weird, but it's interesting to see streaming, so it was fun. What I'm curious why you think Honda is still a black-colored light is great - it's not 1990, and we do not change the cheap Fox Mustang.

The side glass is designed to mimic larger Accord Coupe. This is an improvement of the door stop to the current slogan, especially as a sign of lines that disappear from the soft hard as it goes from wing back to the definition of the rear fender. Baked by removing certain visual weight, too. It is easy Civic 2dr smartest looking at all - is stored on a given window. I can not say I'm a fan of cycling, but again, I expect you to appear in a production version.
Around back ... Oh my. Umm. Hopefully the production version does not look uncomfortable center exit exhaust / diffuser combo, because it's just weird. Lower numbers of species as a prominent under bite - a little uncomfortable for the eyes. The rear lights are still Accord Coupe styling cue that is transferred to the Civic and the way spoiler flows into the line is clear taillights. Paint color is fantastic, too - I want to see the production numbers in this color.
Limousine is very convention, a change smaller than the present. It is still the same headlights, but gets a revised front bumper. Almost nothing more than the previous model from the side, too - I have no problem with, I always thought that side profile of the current Civic sedan, is attractive. Not a fan of these wheels on this one, either - but it's just a concept car coat. The biggest changes were in the back, though.

It seems that I moved back in imitation of B7 Audi A4 for emulation of the current generation Mercedes C-Class. Imitation is sincerest form of laziness. But it's a nice car with back-end, these changes actually provide some differentiation from that angle.

There are no interior shots, what a bummer, because the interior is the most polarizing thing about the current generation Civic coupe and sedan. Split instruments, shows that neither inspires admiration and anger in humans. It will be interesting to see what the new Honda models. The quality is always there, but maybe we get a unitary panel silence critics. In any case, we will not wait long to find out - the production version of the new Civic should be here in spring, so keep your eyes open. And chances are if you liked the old Civic, will be a little better. And if not, it probably will not.
this color.

Mum's the word on the disc as well. I would not expect the new Civic engine to get - recently introduced a new generation i-VTEC SOHC engine R18. What I'm wondering if it will continue for High-coil low-torque, K20, then it was all to beat the market except Sentra SE-R. Maybe Honda will finally have a direct port injection, turbocharged Acura RDX R23 in a car that deserves? We just have to wait and see.