New 2012 Chevrolet Sonic

With gas prices at a low level and improve the economy, sales of SUVs and crossovers on. This car does not stop the publication of the whole group of new compact and subcompact cars, though.
The subcompact segment in particular is set to larger and populated than ever, with manufacturers who want to position themselves for future growth in natural gas prices.

Ford is a major player in this segment with its much-hyped Fiesta. General Motors' entry, Aveo, it was very competitive for most of its life cycle.

Updates in 2007 to help improve things on the Daewoo-source model, but it was clear that more was needed. Enter the new Sonic, all new vehicles.
GM has considered the name of the car Aveo show how different the new car is really changing. There is certainly no confusion between the two. While the Aveo is boring and unobtrusive style, Sonic said.
The layout is almost like the concept, high waist line lines and bold allusions to the presence of substantial stress design. Car looks well built and Chevrolet is said that a design that pushes the wheels to the corners to search .. global network of Chevrolet and is equipped with "motorcycle-inspired lamps" on the front.

Overall the car is designed to look more and more expensive than it is, and the effort failed. The message is you do not sacrifice design on a subcompact car. This time the sedan model gets the short end of the stick too much, because the design of the same amount of attention both inside and outside.
Insights into the interior is really back to Chevrolet. Usually mild and interior is out, and attention to detail is in.
There is also a modern center console, two-tone design and a new Chevrolet steering wheel. The governor is a big difference in interior and a new Chevrolet is one of our favorites. It was the first exhibition in the production version of the Volt.

The coolest feature, although the device - it is an asymmetrical design with a round analogue speedometer and LCD digital speedometer.

Sonic the powertrain is shared with Cruz. The standard is GM's Ecotec 1.8-liter 135 horsepower and the 123 foot pounds of torque makes. The optional 1.4-liter Ecotec compressor Cruz. It seems that only three more horsepower than standard engines, but has more than 25 foot pounds of torque.

One of the most interesting fact about Sonic is the fact that the suspension engineers in the Corvette. Chevrolet says that Sonic is the only subcompact to offer built in the U.S..

Sonic the company Orion, Michigan assembly. The factory was recently awarded 545 million U.S. dollars investment in upgrading and conversion to production of Sonic. Sonic had a subcompact going on sale this year, focusing on the new Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra.