FMF Racing Apex Exhaust on Kawasaki ZX-10R - Tested

Ask first ten riders aftermarket purchases they made for their motorcycles and the possibility of nine of them will give the same answer: a drainage system. It's hard to resist whining howl of the engine full song, and let the engine breath easier not only release more than a beautiful exhaust note, but it also can liberate a certain power in the process. The problem was always that the change in air / fuel ratio caused by a new exhaust, the reconfiguration of the fuel injection (or re-jetting the carburetor to those who have an old bike) to achieve the right mix is usually required.

FMF does not think that should happen. Its line of Apex slip-on exhaust is completely designed and manufactured in Southern California headquarters to operate without recalibrating the motorcycle stock fuel system. Although relatively new on the market side, FMF has been heavily involved in off-road competition in both two-and four-stroke engines for over 30 years. Companies that do not dip your toes in the street scene, although they hit the ground running. In the AMA, the Corona Honda Superbike team are given U.S. FMF exhaust, FMF and other road is wide enough supply.

Want to know the performance benefits of Apex without recalibration fuel injection, we decided to test us Apex Kawasaki ZX-10R. The exhaust is available in two versions - a carbon fiber tube with the tip of titanium, or titanium canister with carbon tip. A titanium mid-pipe comes with each kit. We accept carbon tubes for the Kawi. Installation is quite simple as the directions and all necessary hardware is included. Also included is a conical insert keep quiet exhaust note and good neighbors.

FMF Racing Apex Exhaust on Kawasaki ZX-10RFMF Apex Exhaust tested Chart

The first thing we noticed was an increase mid-range power. Of course, this all according to our butt dyno. So the trip to the official Dynojet dyno we were in the order. Shares, ZX-10R us out 75.6 horsepower and 161.7 ft-lbs of torque. With Apex unlimited-slip on these numbers jumped 76.5 horsepower and 164.0 ft-lbs. In contrast, the cones in the most quiet (most restrictive) settings, the number fell slightly to 161.2 and 74.8, respectively. Yes, less horsepower and torque than the standard configuration.

While the numbers are significant, what is more important is the dyno curve, as the application of power to say more subtle than before. Shares, the ZX-10R will be dead spots when a gas-usually between 4500 and 5000rpm-effect mother nature trying to make happy. Flat spot now gone, replaced with a smooth and linear power delivery of the entire rev range. What's more, drops Apex fairly heavy piece by cutting the stock cans; the Kawasaki dropped nine pounds, to be exact.

Although they may be a new game, FMF dirt obviously has brought expertise from side to side of the road with a series of Apex muffler. In all of our exercise power output has been smoothed away, so for linear delivery of power where you use it most. The Apex you see here retails for $ 549.99, though pricing is different for underseat and dual-exhaust setup.