BMW S1000RR in detail

The BMW S1000RR in road trim 
Compact motor: BMW has worked really hard to make the engine small and light to allow the frame to be narrow.
Race-spec dashboard: We can’t see it in complete detail but the dash is a simple and lightweight race-spec version.
Exhaust: We can’t see the right side of the bike in detail on the main picture but it’s expected the exhaust will have an end can similar to that on the Honda Fireblade as the silencer is large and mounted under the engine.
Side gills are gone: The side-mounted side gills seen on the early race bikes are now gone in favour of this open panel for improved cooling.
Top-spec suspension: The front forks look like massive 49mm upsidedown items with adjusters on the top and bottom of the fork.
Lightweight wheels: The cast allow wheels are BMW’s own design.